EPA License Applications (Latest)

EPA License Search via RSS Feed is a simple way of keeping up to date with new License applications

Note: there does not appear to be a live RSS feed via the EPA website to flag new license applications. Text is as follows but does not provide RSS link to how can you track new applications?

Licensing and Permitting

The EPA Licence Search RSS Feed is a simple way of keeping up to date with Licence applications in which you are interested. By subscribing to this RSS Feed you will receive alerts in your ‘RSS Reader’ when a new document has been added to these Licence applications on the website. 

Should a subscription to the RSS feed be available, it will display on the ‘licence details’ page and the RSS icon is the subscription button.

The following licensing and permitting applications provide an RSS subscription function:


Note: requested link to RSS feed for new EPA licenses from the EPA licensing team (26/10/2021)

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