Peatland Drainage, Pump Locations and Silt Pond Mapping

This is a work in progress but kicked off a little GIS project to see if it is possible to map potential peatland drainage operations in Ireland

Remote imaging and AI recognition as an option, but is slow and costly, and needs fieldwork

Mapping potential pump sites from Google Earth or similar is difficult as they are small features, but the associated drainage works (called silt ponds) are (or were) monitored under EPA license.

This all needs validation but it appears possible to map silt ponds (which are potential active pumping sites) for Bord na Mona

It may be possible to map similar for Harte Peat, Bulrush Horticulture and Westland Horticulture

This would not cover any operations by Klasmann-deilmann, Erin Horticulture or Abbeylara Peat

This mapping would not obviously cover any sites that were never licensed, or sites that did not use silt ponds

It does not tell you if there is a pump at the location, nor if there is a pump, whether it is active.

Sample data and map:

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