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Northern Ireland: Pollution Incident Management System (PIMS) – Statistics for 2020-2021


Reported pollution incidences in Northern Ireland from 01 October 2020 to 30 September 2021

1962 reports of potential water pollution were either received or directly found by staff.

Of these, of which all reports are physically visited, 1055 were recorded as no pollution found at the time of inspection. Of the remaining 907 incidents, 770 were classified as Low Severity, 121 as Medium Severity and 16 as High Severity. This is based on the NIEA’s Pollution Severity Classification criteria. Of the 770 Low Incidents, polluters were identified in 363 of these investigations.

Of the 121 Medium incidents, polluters where identified in 95 investigations

Of the 16 High incidents, polluters were identified in 8 investigations

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