Coillte Felling Licences

Suggested AIE request

Subject: AIE Request: Licence No. [ ] Application Details

I wish to request information under the Access to Information on the Environment Regulations.

The information requested is:

1) Information relating to felling licence application Licence No. [ ] to include inter alia;

Map of the planned Harvest Route to the nearest Regional Road

Date of Inspection by Environmental Officer prior to application submission

Environmental Officers Comments on Water, Soil & Biodiversity

Proportion of Site affected by Windblow

Notifications / Consultations with local stakeholders

An estimate of the expected residues and emissions (including carbon loss from soils)

A description of the significant effects of the proposed activity on the environment;

A description of the measures envisaged to prevent and/or reduce the effects

An outline of the main alternatives studied by the applicant

I request that the information is provided in an electronic format by 1st August 2022.

Could you please provide an acknowledgement of this request and contact details for the party assigned to deal with it.

Can you please include my reference in the Subject Bar of any correspondence on this request.

Please note that the email for the response is email address

Kind regards,

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