Bringing forward forestry credits to the 2021-2030 Carbon Budget

Authors: David Styles & Colm Duffy (University of Limerick)

2021 research by University of Limerick (AIE 2021 048 DECC)


Table 1 – clearly shows how afforestation and organic soil re-wetting are inter-related. The more organic soil rewetting the less afforestation required and vice versa to achieve climate neutrality

Table 1 also compares commercial-mix afforestation with conservation-mix afforestation in terms of achieving climate neutrality in the AFOLU sector by 2050 with not less than 251,250 hectares of organic soil rewetted by 2050.

The afforestation required by 2050 differs by only 1% ( i.e. 15% forestry cover for commercial-mix afforestation compared with 16% forestry cover for conservation-mix afforestation) depending on the type of afforestation.

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