Development Applications Tracking System (DATS)


Introduced around 2006 / 2007

In 2019, the Department received over 10,500 referrals as a Statutory consultee under all headings.

Development Applications Tracking System

This is both database and a case management system. NPWS have a company, who scans everything into a database, and cases are sent out to the various parts of NPWS to deal with.

NPWS get a lot of Forestry applications (about 1,600 /1700 a year) and they take up a lot of time – planting, felling licenses, aerial fertilization, forest roads

Complexity has increased, not just ecological, but legal / and procedural: ECJ Judgements, ABP rulings, Court decisions, changes to biodiversity legislation, changes to other legal codes (e.g. planning, waste, agriculture, foreshore) at Irish and EU (and indeed international levels), communications/complaints/
guidance from the European Commission, and guidance on Habitats Directive Assessments and Ecological Assessment.

NPWS Regional Ecologists work is taken up almost entirely with development applications

System summary via PQ

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