IFI Tender: Consultant Aquaculture Impacts – Consultant to Provide Expert Support and Advice on the Impacts of Aquaculture on Wild Salmonids


Scope of tender:                

The scope of this tender includes the provision of expert advice on interactions between wild fish and aquaculture facilities and the species they farm.   The advice provided will support IFI in its role in the conservation and protection of species under its legislative remit.  

Scientific studies have demonstrated that sea lice from marine salmon farms, when not adequately controlled, can have a serious impact on local sea trout stocks and migrating salmon smolts. Sea trout are especially vulnerable to salmon lice infestation because, in the sea, they remain feeding and growing in coastal waters where salmon farms are situated.

There is a large body of published literature on the negative interactions of farmed salmon and wild salmonid stocks. Apart from the well documented sea lice-mediated impacts on wild salmonids associated with salmon farming, the interbreeding of salmon farm escapees with wild fish have also been shown to significantly negatively affect the sustainability of wild stocks.

It is anticipated that the contract will be awarded in early September 2022 work commencing immediately.

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