What is QField ?

QField is the mobile app for QGIS, allowing users to deploy their existing projects to the field

The application allows for efficient electronic data capture in the field and can be used for habitat mapping as well as capturing species information.

QField is an open source mobile (Android/iphone) application that allows you to edit QGIS projects on a mobile device. It is built with the QGIS rendering engine so your QGIS project (including symbology) will look exactly the same in QField

QFieldCloud allows to synchronize and merge the data collected by your team in QField. From small individual projects to large data collection campaigns, QFieldCloud removes the pain from synchronizing and merging data

Start with a free plan, and upgrade only when you need larger storage or more control on who can access to your projects

QField allows users to capturing habitat and species data electronically.

The first step is etting up projects in QGIS for transfer to QField, including the use of the QField Sync plugin.

You can then to prepare basemaps, configure map themes and transfer projects to a mobile device for use in the field.

QField functionality on a mobile device (android ‘phone or tablet), includes capturing point, line and polygon data as well as editing data in the field.

Finally you can transfer the field data back into a QGIS project.

Basic tutorial on using QField

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