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Red Grouse

In April 2021 the European Union updated its list of ‘priority birds’ to include Lagopus lagopus hibernica.

Red Grouse Species Action Plan
2013: National Red Grouse Steering Commitee

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The status of Red Grouse in Ireland and the effects of land use, habitat and habitat quality on their distribution: Results of the national Red Grouse Survey 2006-2008

This is the most recent survey:

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Tenders sought for national survey on Red Grouse bird

Birdwatch Ireland

Europe’s Huntable Birds: A Review of Status and Conservation Priorities (FACE)

2010 Irish Red Grouse survey indicated that the population in the Republic of Ireland was just over 4.200 birds suggesting a 50% decline in range in the last 40 years (Cummins et al., 2010).

Now, with the last Article 12 assessment, Irish populations has been estimated at 1.708-2.116 breeding pairs. Its population trends are declining, and its status is ‘threatened’.

A Red Grouse Species Action Plan was developed in 2013, with a variety of stakeholders, is still ongoing until 2023 (National Red Grouse Steering Committee, 2013). It demonstrates that although the species is declining, some 36 conservation projects have been established by hunters to address local declines.

Specific actions include habitat management, predator control, disturbance control, provision of grit, improving public awareness and monitoring.

Map of Red Grouse Conservation Projects in Ireland

Development of Best-Practice Guidelines for Red Grouse on Irish SAC Raised Bogs

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Survey of Red Grouse (Lagopus lagopus scoticus) in the Owenduff/Nephin Complex Special Protection Area, County Mayo

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Red Grouse population performance on western Irish blanket bog

Grouse Conservation Project: Ballinacor, Wicklow

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