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GLAS & Hedgerows

Under the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, the Green Low-carbon Environmental Scheme (GLAS) included planting new hedgerows as an option.

The GLAS scheme operated in three tranches, planting a new hedgerow was an option available in GLAS1.

Hedgerows option was very popular under GLAS1.

Hedgerow planting option was suspended under GLAS 2 & 3.

There are just under 49,119 active farmers participating in the GLAS scheme, almost 15% of these planted a new hedgerow as part of their GLAS plan.

The minimum length of a new hedgerow that can be planted under the GLAS specifications is 10m.

GLAS participants were paid €5/metre of new hedgerow planted for each year of the 5 years of the scheme, provided the hedgerow met the specifications set out in the terms and conditions of the scheme.

Note: new hedgerows have to be a few years old before they can be detected by imagery.

Where the Planting New Hedgerow action is taken on a farm boundary, the GLAS participant must ensure it is planted in such a manner that he/she has control of both sides of the new hedgerow and that he/she can maintain both sides of the new hedgerow. Note, where a fence has been erected under TAMS, the Planting of New Hedgerow Action cannot be planted inside of this fence.

Trees cannot be planted on Natura land.

Requirements from GLAS Specification

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