About Us

“This project is an attempt to collect, map and store the most relevant documents on the various threats facing Ireland’s rivers, lakes, and groundwater”

The website integrates publicly available data on potential and current threats.

– water abstraction

– trade effluent licenses

– flood relief projects

– conservation / river protection / Rivers Trust initiatives

– pollution

– mapping physical / man-made barriers in rivers

There is plenty of information in the public domain that is not searchable or easy to locate.

Flood relief projects are generally in various pdf documents in etenders, a government database that needs registration/login to each tender.

Water abstraction data is held by the EPA in a semi redacted ‘public database’ that does not reveal entity making the abstraction, nor the exact location of the abstraction, and redacts all Irish Water abstractions (the largest ones).

Trade effluent discharge licenses are generally held in excel, pdf or misc formats by the relevant local authorities, and available only on request

Irish Water also maintain a register of licensed discharges into Irish Water sewers (which may or may not be connected to treatment plants)

The site also aggregates related data on forestry, peatland, WTPs/WWTPs, quarries, landfill sites, illegal dumps, specific species under threat (FPM, Hen Harrier, Curlew etc), invasive species, and other related areas.

If you see something we’ve missed drop us an email