Ray Whelan Ltd

W0158-01 Laois


Ray Whelan Ltd operates a waste transfer station handling domestic and commercial waste prior to segregation and bulking for off-site disposal and recycling.

Ray Whelan Ltd intends to apply to the EPA for a review of the existing licence to allow for an increase in the amount of waste that is accepted at the facility to 70,000 tonnes per year.

Vehicle and bin wash water is diverted to a blind sump prior to tankering off site for disposal at Athy Waste Water Treatment Plant. In 2021, 295,000 gallons of waste water were tankered from the site for disposal at Athy Waste Water Treatment Works

Original CRAMP was submitted to the EPA on 24th August 2005

ELRA submitted to EPA on 5th Nov 2018

AIE Request: GIS data for historic landfill boundaries (otherwise known as the Unregulated Waste Disposal Sites Register)

AIE 04/22 

Mapping data was not transferred from EPA to NWCPO

NWCPO are now the competent authority for register of historic landfills / unregulated waste disposal sites in Ireland

Number of records does not match number of records forwarded via EPA (272 records, vs 494 on EPA Register)

Sample data