General Felling Licence application from Coillte in respect of lands at Garvagh Glebe, Co Leitrim – Peatslides and Windfarms

Internal review AAIE/23/227

Result of the internal review of this decision

As you will be aware from the acknowledgement of your request for an internal review, I was assigned to review your request. I made a decision on your review request on 25/04/2023. Having reviewed this request, and having identified 8 records which relate to it, I have decided that you should be granted access to all of the records, and I annul the original decision accordingly.

Notes on landslide

AIE Request: Coastal Concern Alliance to Dept of Housing on Sandbank Surveys, Habitats and Designations

Note: Good summary of the issues involved by IWT is at

Habitat mapping as part of the MESH Programme; Ground truth area surveyed by Celtic Voyager


Survey Data Analysis for Hemptons Turbot Bank


This document reviews the approach of analysing multibeam bathymetric and backscatter data for habitat classification using
grab samples and video footage for groundtruthing over an area called Hamptons Turbot Banks, a series of sand waves off the north coast of Ireland.

Marine Surveys of Two Irish Sandbank cSACs


Long Bank and Holdens Bank

Ballybunnion Bank and Turbot Bank

Benthic surveys of sandbanks in the Irish Sea


Analysis of samples from the Hempton Turbot Bank

Aqua-Fact International Services Ltd was contracted by the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government (DEHLG) to carry out the analysis of benthic samples collected in 2005 from the RV Celtic Explorer as part of the MESH sampling schedule. The samples in question were taken from the Hempton Turbot sandbank off the Co. Donegal coast.

Actions arising from Marine biogeogrpahic process

Note CCA mentioned

Conclusions Marine Biogeographic Commission meeting 2009

Internal note on prep for designation

A benthic survey of sandbank features in the Irish Sea A biological survey of the Bray, Money-weights and Lucifer Banks
July 2010

Marine sandbank designations Maps

Sandbanks summary justification 2011 (revised)

Memo: Prep work and finalising marine designations

Note to Principal Officer re Sandbank Designations

Coordinates of potential designations

Note to Minister requesting approval to designate new Marine Special Areas of Conservation and addcerta in qualifying interests to some existing sites

An Update on Marine Special Areas of Conservation around Ireland
David Lyons & Oliver Ó Cadhla

Sand bank justification document

Subtidal Benthic Investigations of the Greater Codling Bank

Renewables Areas

Scientific Unit to Des proposed change to designations

Initial observations from the Marine Institute to the Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine on the notice to designate 6 Marine Sites as Special Areas of Conservation

Questions in word doc from BIM on designations

Meeting with NPWS re designation of 6 new SACs

Questions to include in the MI submission to DAFM for consideration at a meeting with DAHG

Congested spaces, contested scales – A review of spatial planning for wind energy in Ireland

Ainhoa González a,∗, Gavin Daly b , Justin Gleeson c
a National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis, Maynooth University, Ireland
b European Observation Network for Territorial Development and Cohesion, European Union, Luxembourg
c All Ireland Research Observatory, Maynooth University, Ireland

Ministerial Consent – Project Pearl / FuturEnergy Ireland (Coillte / ESB Joint Venture)

AIE request 23 144

Request for access to information held by the Department of Agriculture, Food, and the Marine relating to the provision of, by email, a copy of the consent from DAFM to Coillte in relation to Project Pearl i.e the establishment of FuturEnergy Ireland, as noted in the Briefing for Minister Hackett for the meeting with Coillte on 13 January 2022


M/20/005 – ESB/COILLTE (JV)

Following implementation of the Proposed Transaction, Coillte will continue to supply land to third party developers of onshore wind farms in the State

Coillte’s current share in this potential market is minimal (approximately [0-5]%), resulting from a […]% shareholding in a single wind farm located in Sliabh Bawn, Co. Roscommon

Coillte estimates that it has the largest share of Theoretically Suitable Land in the State (approximately [25-30]%). Coillte estimates that Bord na Móna holds the second largest share of Theoretically Suitable Land in the State (approximately [5-
10]%) with the remaining [65-70]% held by various individual landholders across the State

It sees our entire renewable energy business transfer into the new joint venture company, which aims to deliver 1GW of renewable energy projects by 2030.

Coillte’s portfolio of proposed wind farm projects and its Renewable Energy division has now transferred to FuturEnergy Ireland. The majority of projects in the pipeline are either preparing to enter the planning system or are in the planning process awaiting adjudication.

The new company is led by CEO Peter Lynch, former managing director of Coillte’s Renewable Energy Division.


Felling Applications and Alternative Land Use (where deforested area is to be converted to another land-use type)


Note: DAFM does not hold any records that show a change in land use in Coillte felling licence applications. Coillte normally apply to replant after clearfell

This is a list for 2020-2022 where the felling applications received by DAFM proposed that the forest area be converted to another land use type ( i.e. converted from forestry to another land use type.).

The note alleges to explain why the list for 2020-2022 wholly comprises private felling applications and doesn’t include any Coillte applications for this time period.

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