Environmental Consultancy Services for The OPW National Arterial Drainage Maintenance Activities


The Office of Public Works (OPW), Arterial Drainage Maintenance Service is commissioning an environmental consultant to assist with various environmental services, to support arterial drainage maintenance activities on twenty six arterial drainage schemes.

Part 1
The principal study area for Part 1 of the Commission makes up twenty six schemes for arterial drainage schemes and flood relief schemes.

The contract will require the completion of AA Screening for 26 Schemes and it is assumed that 21 of these schemes will require an NIS. Reporting is to be completed over the next 3 year period.

The AA Screening Reports and NIS for the twenty six schemes will be carried out in assigned years as follows:

Year 1 (2023): Abbey, Bonet, Boyle, Broadmeadow & Ward, Brosna, Donegal Schemes, Feale, Knockrockery, Lower Shannon Schemes, Maine, Hazelhatch, Matt.

Year 2 (2024):Ballyteigue/Kilimor, Corrib, Duff, Inny, KIlcoo, Killimor/Cappagh, Ouvane, Monaghan Blackwater.

Year 3 (2025):Boyne, Duleek, Mornington, Moy, Ryewater, Owenavorragh.
Completion of the AA Screening and NIS’s for each year includes assessing the impact of the work and providing field data as described in Part 2 below.

Part 2
The OPW have identified lengths of channel that a Rapid River Corridor Survey should be completed. The lengths of channels identified are the channels within and 100m upstream and downstream of the boundary of the European Sites for which AA Screening and NIS is programmed for in that year.

The Rapid River Corridor Survey includes approximately 1660km of channel to be carried out over a three year period.

Part 3
Further to the above the consultant may be asked to carry out further surveys within the 3 year period.

Additional information

Further details will be provided in the tender documents which will be issued with the Request for Tender in due course

Estimated date of publication of contract notice:



Reports on Bride River (Various)

Cork Corporation. Glen, Bride and Kiln River Improvement. Preliminary Report 1982 Vol 1 & 2

Blackpool Retail Park Flood Study

City Council and OPW flood report 2012

2013 Trash Screen report (best document on Blackpool Flooding with lots of useful information

Cork Nature Network Otter Report 2022

Camera Trapping – Quality of data collected through the use of camera traps at a number of sites frequented by otters within Cork City

The Otters of Blackpool

Glen, Bride and Kiln Review (2003)

King’s Island Flood Relief Scheme: Vegetation Site Clearance / Tree Felling Works

Tender for vegetation clearance in advance of the King’s Island Flood Relief Scheme (Limerick)

Limerick City and Council is undertaking vegetation clearance in advance of the King’s Island Flood Relief Scheme. The project involves vegetation clearance of an area of approx. 4560m2 and the removal of approximately 39 trees at locations around Kings Island in Limerick

Multi-Party Framework Agreement for the preparation of Surface Water Management Plans (SWMP) for Fingal County Council

To establish a Multi-Party Framework for Engineering Consultancy services for the preparation of Surface Water Management Plans (SWMP) for Local Area Plans (LAP), Masterplans, Urban Frameworks and other study areas;

Surface Water Management plans will consist of two key integral parts;

1. Preparation of Strategic Flood risk assessments in accordance with the “Planning system and Flood risk Management Guidelines for Planning Authorities”. This will include for all relevant stages of flood risk assessment as outlined by the Guidelines. 

2. Preparation of Sustainable Drainage Strategies (SDS) for the sustainable development of lands under consideration for development. The strategies will be an example of best practice in the use of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS)/Nature Based Solutions. As set out in the Fingal County Development Plan, it is an objective of Fingal County Council to encourage, promote and implement sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) on all new developments throughout the county and to encourage where feasible the retrofit of sustainable drainage systems within existing developments. The Sustainable Drainage Strategy will examine the feasibility of using all SuDS solutions including, swales, permeable pavement, rainwater harvesting, tree pits, green and blue roofs, detention basins, ponds and wetlands amongst other SuDS devices. The SDS must comply with the Fingal County Council Green Blue Infrastructure Guidance and the Dept of Housing Nature Based Solution Guidance 2022.

Turlough flood relief measures at Ballyvelaghan, Co. Clare

Clare County Council approach to non-draining turlough at Ballyvelaghan (2018)

1) environmental-impact assessment

2) applied to An Bord Pleanála for permission for flood-relief measures

Ballyvaughan Turlough SAC


Clare County Council applied to An Bord Pleanála under the provisions of Section 177AE of the Planning and Development Act, 2000 (as amended) for a flood alleviation project at Mortyclogh, Co. Clare.

A Natura Impact Statement was submitted along with other documentation in support of the application

Proposal was for:

Construction of a pumping station (underground chambers (3.5m x 4m wide x 4m deep), control kiosk 2m3, concrete hardstanding 300m2, mesh fence to surround and screen planting),
• Construction of a rising main (pipe 550mm diameter x 700m long buried within a trench) between the pumping station and outlet,
• Construction of an inlet and outlet chamber at Poulnaclogh/ Mucknish Bay with overflowing weir,
• All other associated works.

Note: The NIS refers to an associated feasibility study and preliminary design report by Hydro Environmental Ltd, which is not included with the application