Kilronan Cottages Agglomeration / A0522-01

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03/05/2017 Site Visit


Kilronan Cottages: Reactive Non-Enfocement Plan, Complaint follow up

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Complaint follow-up

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This was an announced enforcement visit, having regard to complaints received by the EPA.

The Certificate of Authorisation issued to Irish Water on the 14th of October 2014, required the installation of an integrated Constructed Wetland as per Condition 3.3. To date there has been no progress in addressing Condition 3.3 of the Certificate A0522-01 or applying to the EPA for an amendment to the Certificate in this regard. The EPA noted during the visit that an ICW had not been installed at the site, as per Condition 3 of the Certificate of Authorisation.

Following the site visit carried out on the 3rd of May 2017, the EPA opened a Compliance Investigation (Ref: CI001469) seeking proposals in relation to the treatment system and sewer network.

Irish Water is reminded of its obligation to comply with all conditions of the Certificate of Authorisation (A0522-01) and respond to CI actions as they are raised.


The EPA carried out an inspection of the Kilronan Cottages agglomeration following the completion of remediation works to the percolation area in March 2022 and having regard to recent odour complaints. 

The EPA Inspector carried out an odour assessment in the environs of Kilronan Cottages on 20/07/2022. No odours associated with the activities at Kilronan Cottages Certificate of Authorisation Reg No. A0522 were detected by the inspector off site on the day. The assessment was followed by a site visit to the septic tank and the newly installed biofilter and percolation area.

The EPA inspectors noted the remediation works completed on site including the newly installed pump chamber and biofilter and percolation area. Preliminarily monitoring results indicate improved effluent quality from April to June 2022.

The EPA has an open compliance investigation file in relation to the waste water treatment system for Kilronan Cottages. Irish Water shall continue to monitor the effectiveness of the newly installed biofilter and percolation unit report through Compliance Investigation CI001469 as appropriate. The next compliance investigation action update (CI action A113903) is due on the 30/09/2022.

Ennistymon Public Drinking Water Supply: Plant Audits or Inspections by EPA

OEE AIE 2023 24 Decision Letter

Under the AIE Regs to request any Drinking Water Audit Reports or related EPA inspectors reports in respect the following site: Ennistymon Public Drinking Water Supply

For the purposes of this AIE please consider any audits/inspections carried out after the published Audit Report of 07/08/2014

For context, RTK note the unusually extended timeframe of this AIE, 2014 to 2023, but we have been unable to locate any subsequent reports to the 07/08/2014 audit report, which identified multiple non compliances

EPA Prosecutions: 2023 (YTD), 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019

The full list is hard to find on EPA website, go to this link, and use the Year in left hand side bar to see the cases in that year–enforcement/whats-happening/prosecutions-and-penalties/prosecutions-2023/

2023 YTD

EPA prosecutes Uisce Éireann – Boherbue (D0437-01) 
EPA Prosecutes Uisce Éireann – Miltown Malbay (D0321-01) 
EPA Prosecutes Uisce Éireann – Abbeydorney (D0417-01) 
EPA Prosecutes Uisce Éireann – Kilmacrennan (D0513-01) 
EPA Prosecutes Uisce Éireann – Mullagh (D0252-01) 
EPA Prosecutes Uisce Éireann – Dunleer (D0111-01) 
EPA Prosecutes Uisce Éireann – Mullinahone (D0456-01) 
EPA Prosecutes an Unlicensed Peat Operator 
EPA prosecutes Western Brand Group Limited (P0831-01 
EPA prosecutes Uisce Éireann (Rathmolyon) (Reg. No. A0552-01) 
2022   EPA prosecutes Cork County Council – Ballyguyroe Landfill (W0002-02) 
EPA Prosecutes ESB Networks DAC 
EPA prosecutes Irish Water (Roscommon D0116-01) 
EPA prosecutes Irish Water (Belmullet) D0074-01 
EPA Prosecutes Rilta Environmental Limited (W0192-03) 
EPA Prosecutes Irish Water – Freshford (D0526-01) 
Director of Public Prosecutions prosecutes Arran Chemical Company (P0110-02) 


EPA prosecutes Ashgrove Recycling (W0147-01) 
EPA prosecutes Irish Water (Upper Liffey Valley Regional Sewerage Scheme, D0002 
EPA Prosecutes Takeda Ireland Limited, Reg. No. P0693-02 

EPA Drinking Water Remedial Action List Q4 of 2022

The Remedial Action list is a record of the public water supplies known to be at risk and where the EPA is requiring Irish Water to take corrective action. The EPA has instructed Irish Water to submit an action programme for the improvement of each of these supplies and has initiated enforcement action where action programmes were not being prepared or were not prepared to the satisfaction of the EPA. This includes issuing legally binding Directions requiring specific work to be carried out.

Vartry Water Treatment Plant Upgade: Schedule of Commitments and Related Documents

AIE Request, Dec 2022

Vartry Water Treatment Plant Schedule of Commitments

River Vartry Flow Monitoring Locations Assessment




Compensatory Flows at Vartry Water Treatment Plant (Wicklow)


Source: AIE to Irish Water

Nov 2022