Fertiliser Imports (Ireland)

Source: CSO, July 2022

Includes a separate breakdown of imports of fertiliser from Northern Ireland

Note: the CSO have 2 Codes for Fertiliser (27) Crude Fertilisers and minerals (excluding coal, petroleum and precious stones) and (56) Fertilisers (Other than those of Division 27).

You can take out any codes you don’t require by clicking on the arrows opposite any of the headings and
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The description sheet and a separate sheet for Northern Ireland is at the bottom of the table

The NI data (approx one third of fertiliser imports) suggests an issue for the new DAFM Chemical Fertiliser Register – how will NI imports be tracked ?

Download CSO fertiliser import data in Excel here:

Cattle Herd Size, by County

Source: Central Statistics Office Source: AIM (Animal Identification and Movement) managed by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the MarineĀ 

April 21st 2022

Values marked with .. are confidential

These figures refer to the time period June 1st 2021

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Irish bottled water imports/exports

The EPA note twenty one bottled water plants across Ireland. These include three categories of water – Natural Mineral Waters, Spring Waters and other Waters in Bottles or Containers

The locations/plants/abstraction data for bottled water abstraction is redacted in the EPA data, but the CSO publish the data on bottled water imports and exports