Project Flint (Coillte Brash / Forest Residues from Harvesting / Clearfell Sites)

AIE Request 20230182

Project Description

The purpose of Project Flint is to support the broader investigation of the opportunities afforded to Coillte in the management of forest residues associated with the harvesting and clear-felling of sites, objectives and times scales.

Project Objectives
The objective of Project Flint is to identify the potential annual forecasted quantity of available brash, and to determine the associated costs for brash extraction, chipping and delivery.

Project Timescales
Project Flint commenced in January 2021 and is due to be completed by the end of Q4, 2023.

Kildare CoCo: Enforcement file related to a Quarry at Rinaghan, Carbury, County Kildare

Request Under the AIE regs to request any licencing, monitoring/inspection or enforcement records in relation to a quarry operation at Rinaghan, Kildare

CASE: KCC-144073] CRM:00924000000031