Greenway fencing: sample project, Boyne Valley to Lakelands County Greenway (BVLCG)

AIE Request 25-23

Under the AIE Regs to request any ecologist reports or other environmental assessments that consider the impact of chainmesh/security/other fencing on wildlife and biodiversity in relation to greenway/blueway developments in Meath

In particular to include:
– length of fencing in km in each greenway/blueway development
– mesh size in fencing
– any mitigation measures such as wildlife passes, and the spec for these measures, eg spacing, size of wildlife passes, no wire mesh etc

For the purposes of this AIE please consider the years 2020 to date

Summary of Decision

The Boyne Valley to Lakelands County Greenway (BVLCG) is the only Greenway which is being delivered within the period of this request, 2020 to date. In relation to the first part of the request I am refusing same as the records are already in the public domain and can be accessed at
• At the planning office (Buvinda House, Dublin Road, Navan, Co. Meath, C15 Y291)
Quoting the following references P8/13007 and P8/13009

In relation to the second part of the request I attach herewith details of standard construction details for fencing:
CC-SCD-00301-03 (Post and Rail)
CC-SCD-00304-03 (Stock Proof)

The fencing details allow for wildlife to push under the fence, while deterring pedestrians and pets using the greenway from entering private property. Wildlife crossing points are not used on greenways because there is no risk of road collisions.

The extent to which fencing has been applied to the greenway is as follows:

Navan to Tara Mines
o Total Distance of Boundary 4.8Km
o Stock Proof Fencing 350m
o Post and rail Fencing 850m
o Security Fencing 252m

Tara Mines to Wilkinstown
o Total Distance of Boundary 10.8Km
o Stock Proof Fencing 1400m
o Post and rail Fencing 495m

Wilkinstown to Castletown (Under Construction)
o Total Distance of Boundary 9.1 Km
o Stock Proof Fencing 8318m
o Post and rail Fencing 830m

Castletown to Nobber
o Total Distance of Boundary 12.4Km
o Stock Proof Fencing 300m
o Post and rail Fencing 1680m

Nobber to Kingscourt (Under Construction)
o Total Distance of Boundary 22Km
o Stock Proof Fencing 11730m
o Post and rail Fencing 2880m

Swan River Greenway & Oldcourt Connectivity Scheme

AIE Request

Under the AIE Regs to request the following records in relation to a proposed Bray ”greenway” on or near the Swan River to include:

1) Any environmental assessments in relation to the ‘greenway’ eg river survey, bat survey, tree survey, environmental assessments of any sort

2) Any correspondence between Wicklow CoCo and the following in relation to the project

– National Transport Authority (NTA)

– Amy Dunne, DBFL

– Bray Municipal District, or the Councillors that make up the BMD

– Naomi Murphy, Connect the Dots

3) Correspondence to/from the following Wicklow Co Co staff in relation to the project

– Mr Michael Flynn, Senior Engineer

– Ms Christine Flood, Acting District Mgr

For the purposes of this AIE please consider Jan 2022 to date

Local councillors vote 7-1 in favour of a proposal by Cllr Joe Behan and seconded by Cllr Dermot ‘Daisy’ O’Brien to stop the Swan River Greenway project before any more taxpayers money is wasted on a proposal that doesn’t have support among the people who will be most impacted and could potentially cause irreparable damage to the local ecosystem.

‘New low in local democracy’ says Bray councillor, as design of Swan River greenway will proceed despite vote to stop the project

Bray Municipal District councillors expressed regret at “distress” caused to residents of the Greater Oldcourt area after a vote to stop the Swan River Greenway was confirmed to be void.

Wicklow People

Wicklow County Council is to move ahead with the design of the proposed Swan River Greenway, despite a majority of local councillors voting in favour of stopping the project

Arklow to Shillelagh Greenway

The Arklow to Shillelagh Greenway is currently at the feasibility study stage. The plan is to build a 38km greenway. The proposed Greenway would pass through the following towns and villages. 

  • Arklow
  • Woodenbridge
  • Aughrim
  • Tinahely
  • Shellelagh


The project entails the development of the Blueway through the townlands of Lowtown, Rathangan, Monasterevin, Vicarstown and Athy. The route runs from Lowtown along the route of the Grand Canal Barrow line and follow the trackway along the river.

The main components of the works include:

  • Improvement works to road crossings and associated road paving, road marking, safety signage, public lighting, footpath provision, fencing and railings.
  • Construction of various ancillary works

Shannon Blueway

AIE 2002-003 to Waterways Ireland on Greenways/Blueways

  • Drumshambo to Battlebridge Blueway

  • 03 Maps EclA

  • Drum Lock AASc

  • Drumshanbo to Battlebridge BlueW AASc (Screening for Approprate Assessment)

  • EclA Drum Lock

  • EclA Drumshanbo to Battlebridge BlueW

  • Waterways Ireland_Bat Survey Report_Lough Allen Canal_09.01.2020

  • Portumna Blueway

  • NIS

  • T01-WSS-AA404-P-01-15 Drawings Final 13.12.18

Shannon Erne Waterway

AIE 2002-003 to Waterways Ireland on Greenways/Blueways

  • Ballyconnell to Bellaheady Trail

  • Appendix 1 – Habitat Maps

  • Archaeological Assessment – ShE Ballyconnell to Bellaheady Bridge

  • Ballyconnell Canal Env Management

Ballyconnell to Bellaheady Bridge Recreational Trail Project: Environmental Management Proposals

  • Brian Keely Follow up Mammal Survey Jan 2018

Further Assessment of Otter and Badger Potential Along the Amenity Path Proposed Along the Shannon Erne Waterway Between Ballyconnell and Ballyheady Bridge, County Cavan

Article 6(3) Screening Report: Cavan – Leitrim Greenway: Ballyconnell to Bellaheady Bridge

  • FINAL 2017 Woodrow Mammal Survey

  • Lamprey Survey Results 11122019

  • SE Aquatic Ecology

  • Shannon Erne Schedule of Mitigation rev 2.

Aghoo to Garadice Recreational Route – Appropriate Assessment

Article 6(3) Screening Report: Shannon Erne Waterway Trackway Enhancement Works
Longstones Drain to Garadice Lough, Co. Leitrim

  • Eco Reports 2015

  • EcoA Report Aghoo-Garadice – 2015

  • EcoA Report B-E- 2015

  • EcoA Report L-S -2015

  • Eco Reports 2016

  • EcoA Report G-B – 2016

  • EcoA Report S-A – 2016

  • SEW Blueway – Leitrim to Kilclare

  • Final Shannon Erne Blueway (Leitrim to Kilclare) HAD

  • S200-07B_Bank Revetment Drawing

  • Typical Trail Cross Section Details

  • SEW Blueway Belturbet to Ballyconnell

  • Bec Eco Survey app1 Map 218

  • Bec Eco Survey Appendix 1a

  • Bec Eco Survey Appendix 2

  • Belturbet L1 Culthert Impact 2018
    • L1 to Aghalane Eco Survey BEC2018

  • SEW Walkway Aghoo to Garadice
    • Aghoo to Garadice Walkway
  • SEW Walkway Ballinamore to Aghoo

  • NIS

  • Final NIS 091008-NIS-2010.03.30 – F

Natura Impact Statement

  • FINAL Report

Ecological Impact Assessment: Waterways Ireland – Walkway Improvement Works

Files to follow

Lough Derg Canoe Trail

Natura Impact Statement

Combined Map

Individual Maps

Barrow Blueway, Counties Kildare, Laois and Carlow

Natura Impact Statement

Environmental Impact Statement
Proposed Barrow Blueway Co. Kildare, Laois & Carlow
Volume 1: Non-Technical Summary & Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact Statement


Chapter 2: Background

Chapter 3 Project Description

Chapter 4: Human Beings

Chapter 5: Biodiversity

Chapter 6: Soil

Chapter 7: Air, Climate, Noise

Chapter 8: Landscape

Chapter 9: Cultural Heritage

Chapter 10: Material Assets

Chapter 11:

Barrow Reports

Barrow Product Development Study

Barrow Line Ecological Survey

Barrow Navigation Ecological Survey

Market Research on the Barrow​​