Flood risk assessment: Ballinahinch, Ashford, Wicklow

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Question on flood models – Why are hydraulic models supporting the CFRAM not available to 3rd parties for investigation or updating?

Development details

Affected watercourses

Hurricane Charlie

What’s a Justification Test (submitted under separate cover) in the context of flood risk assessments, and where is this document available ?

Flood compensatory storage

Wicklow CoCo planning ref 23783, development on Vartry River, Ashford

Habitat survey

Flood risk assessment report


What is the Section 179a exemption?

Where can the exemption be utilised? State bodies and where the zoning objectives for the land as set out within the adopted development plan or local area plan includes residential use (i.e. where the land is zoned for residential purposes or for mixed use including residential).

Guidance for local authorities on the use of Section 179A provisions:

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What is a Part 8?

A development carried out by a Local Authority is often referred to as ‘Part 8’ development. This is a reference to Part 8 of the Planning and Development Regulations 2001, as amended, which sets out the procedure for carrying out such developments. Such works would include developments such as the construction of houses, roads, swimming pools, public toilets and more.



Kildare CoCo: Enforcement file related to a Quarry at Rinaghan, Carbury, County Kildare

Request Under the AIE regs to request any licencing, monitoring/inspection or enforcement records in relation to a quarry operation at Rinaghan, Kildare

CASE: KCC-144073] CRM:00924000000031