Pigs and Poultry data exchange

This was listed as an ACTION in the Nitrates Expert Group Meeting Minutes
9.30–11.00, 13th September 2023

DAFM/EPA will meet again to discuss Pigs and Poultry data exchange

No further information, but it’s understood that EPA may not currently share slurry related data on regulated sites with the DAFM, so DAFM cannot compare with their own data

Also note from previous AIEs the number of pig and poultry operations licenced by EPA does not match the number given by DAFM as above the stocking threshold for EPA licence. This discrepancy was never explained

Nitrates Expert Group Meeting Minutes, 11.30 – 13.00, 2nd August 2023

How is slurry tracked in Ireland ?

DAFM nitrates expert group proposed using GPS units to track the movement of slurry during exports.


Also timely provision of data to local authorities must be prioritised for these exports to be inspected.

The mandatory use of GPS trackers on tractors exporting slurry is being considered by the Department of Agriculture in a bid to clamp down on bogus slurry export declarations.

The proposal is among a number of new water quality measures proposed by the Department’s nitrates expert group. Other measures proposed include the establishment of a national feed database, the declaration of exactly when slurry is leaving the farm and the inclusion of clover in all new perennial ryegrass seed mixes. Also under consideration is a restriction on grassland slurry spreading to land that meets specific soil test results. 

Q: Do the EPA share slurry data with DAFM on EPA licenced sites ? From this exchange, it appears that they did not as of July 2023

DAFM data to LAs

Pig and poultry manure exports

Also note

Glenasmole Valley


Summary: Castlekelly townland within Glenasmole Catchment

  • Acquired by the State in 2016 to form part of the Wicklow Mountains National Park.
  • 1982 Hectares
  • Some of the lands are also part of the Wicklow Mountains SAC and Wicklow Mountains SPA
  • Legal obligation on the State to restore the site condition to Favourable Conservation Status

The Development of a Gully Woodland Restoration Plan for the Upper River Dodder Catchment and the
Identification and Assessment of Generic Issues of Relevance for Future Similar Projects in Ireland

Proposed National Parks and Wildlife Service Glenasmole Catchment Project

Proposed measures

Presentation on the project

NPWS Upland Woodland Potential (Castlekelly)