Upper Caragh Priority Area for Action Desktop Report


Feb 2020

High ecological status objective site, currently at Poor status and At Risk

Part of the Caragh Freshwater Pearl Mussel catchment

Important fishery for Arctic char

No water chemistry data available

Hydromorphology and agriculture were identified as the significant pressures

High risk of surface phosphate (and sediment) pathways. Corine land use and soil maps indicate pasture on peat in all three waterbodies, with the risk of ammonia loss to surface waters. Areas of land reclamation carry the risk of sediment loss to surface waters. Pathways may be both point sources (e.g. farmyards) and diffuse (e.g. slurry spreading, overland flow and land drains).

Taxonomy and Phylogeography of Irish Arctic Char

Project AttributeProject Details
Project TitleTaxonomy and Phylogeography of Irish Arctic Char
EPA Project Code2017-W-MS-29
Lead OrganisationQueen’s University Belfast (QUB)
CoordinatorPaulo Prodohl
EPA Research 2014 – 2020 Theme(s)Water: Theme 2: Ecosystem Services and Sustainability
EPA Research Pillars
Project Start and End DatesStart: 26/03/2018
End (if applicable): 26/03/2021
Revised End Date (if applicable): 26/07/2021
EPA Project TypeMedium Scale Project
EPA Award TypeSTRIVE – Project Based Awards
Current Project StatusGrant Awarded
Total Funding Amount141938.50
Project Abstract/Description
EPA Scientific OfficerCeciliaHegarty

Proposed conservation byelaw prohibiting angling for Arctic Char

Inland Fisheries Ireland is seeking submissions from interested parties in relation to the proposed introduction of a conservation byelaw prohibiting angling for, killing or retention of Arctic Char (Salvelinus alpinus) from any waters of the State. 

The proposal currently under consideration is: 

to request the Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications, to introduce a conservation byelaw prohibiting any person from taking, or attempting to take, an Arctic Char (Salvelinus alpinus), by means of any fishery engine or rod and line from the waters of the State and to prohibit killing, retention or possession of Arctic Char.


Additional Note about the Arctic Char

The Arctic Char is a glacial relict fish species, native to Ireland, which is currently classified in the Irish Red Data Book as vulnerable due to a range of anthropogenic and environmental pressures such as water abstraction, eutrophication, climate change and introduction of non-native fish species.

More information about the Arctic Char can be found on Inland Fisheries Ireland’s website here