DAFM AIE Refusals based on Herd Number and/or Herd Location

AIE/23/085 Appealed to OCEI

Register of cattle herds with over 500 cattle per head, to include the herd number and location of each cattle farm

AAIE/23/050 Appealed to OCEI

Herd number and location of derogation farms in the Electoral District of Dripsey, Cork in 2021

AIE 23075 Internal Review

Register of poultry flocks with over 10000 / 40000 birds

AAIE/23/074 Internal Review

Pig farms with over 1000 pigs

Dairygold Mitchelstown, Co. Cork – Castlefarm & Clonmel Road Complex – Groundwater & Surface Water Monitoring Report for submission to the Environmental Protection Agency

The processing plant at Castlefarm produces whole milk, skim milk, filled milk powders, casein, caseinate, lactose powders, whey powders and concentrates

The processing plant at Clonmel Road produces cheddar cheese

Records collected by DAFM on derogation farms

DAFM Training Requirements for New and Existing Nitrates Derogation Applicants 2022

There are approx 6800 farms in derogation, and each one would have approx 100 pages of records in the DAFM database (generally in pdf format with things like farm maps, soil sample results, fertiliser accounts etc). Inspection data (5% of derogation farms are inspected) is held in a different DAFM system

Basic statistical information on nitrates derogation is published

2015-2021 Derogation Herd Locations per LEA – Datasets – data.gov.ie


2021 is the most recent complete data available, as 2022 applicants have until 31 March 2023 to submit support documents

The attached gives an idea of the data collected in by DAFM (and held in the derogation register, which is known as the AgSchemes Nitrates Derogation System)

NMP Online: Teagasc Nutrient Management Planning (NMP) System

NMP Online is an online web application that allows Agricultural Advisors to prepare Nutrient Management Plans required for farm management purposes.

These plans are required both to show compliance with regulations and as a criteria for participation in farm management schemes.

NMP Online has met the requirements for Nutrient Management Planning (NMP); for participation in the GLAS Scheme and for submission of the NMP element of the Nitrates Derogation application. 

It has been developed to handle the complex legislative and compliance framework that governs the management of nutrients and protection of waters.

The system is used by more than 850 farm advisors nationwide, who now have more than 250k plans on the system for 60k farmers.

The NMP online system was developed by Teagasc in conjunction with Compass Informatics Ltd, starting in 2014. It has continuously evolved since, to comply with changing legislation and to introduce new features.

Technical Overview of NMP:

  • NMP web application instance (including ArcGIS and the ArcGIS API for JavaScript)
  • Batch import of soil sample data  (currently XML files exported from a Laboratory Information Management System to a network location) into the NMP database
  • Batch load, parse, validate Client data (currently XML files exported from Teagasc CRM to a network location) process and load into NMP database and log results.  This includes creating new clients and the update of client information where updates have been made to existing clients.
  • Interface with Teagasc User Authentication System (A&A) to authenticate users logging into NMP.
  • Interface with Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine (DAFM) webservices (including downloading and uploading of information)
  • Interface with OSI MapGenie
  • Annual import of LPIS data (land parcel GIS data) from Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine (DAFM)
  • NMP Mobile apps (IOS and Android and associated web service).

Reporting functionality:

• NMP produces the following bespoke reports, selectable from a Plan:
o Farmer Short
o Farmer Full
o Farmer Fertiliser
o Derogation
o Records
• Custom Map based reports in PDF from Map Viewer
• A PDF is created using a HTML to PDF parser (IronPDF)
• A soil sample report facility is also available with allows for a more dynamic type of reporting on soil samples
• Export of data to Excel

GIS functionality:
• ArcGIS API for JavaScript V4
a. API V4.x config via Nuget package
b. JSON configuration files for each of the map viewers (a) Land setup, (b) Farm Specific Features & (c) General Plan map viewer
c. Style widget icons and CSS (colour theme)
d. Layerlist layers for each of the viewers
e. MXDs for styling, labels etc.

• Land Setup digitisation
a. Digitisation widget
b. Plot Splitting functionality via Widget
c. Plot Combine functionality via Widget

• Farm Specific Features digitisation
a. Digitisation widget

• General Farm Viewer Print functionality
a. Custom print widget
b. Styling, user instructions & feedback area managed via widgets


Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine (DAFM):
Information required for the Teagasc NMP system is provided to Teagasc using a DAFM Webservice hosted in DAFM. The webservice supports the following operations:
• Download of NMP Profile consisting of land parcels for the Herd. Only the Agent associated with an applicant are permitted to download their data from DAFM.
• Check that Agent has authorisation from Applicant to transfer to their Agency. The Agent receiving the plan has an active association to the applicant for the BPS or GLAS schemes.
• Upload of GLAS and/or Nitrates plan data. The Agent performing the upload of a GLAS plan must be registered with DAFM as a GLAS Agent.
• Bulk Parcels/Shapes data transferred periodically to NMP. Contains anonymised ParcelShape information. The Land Unit Number (LNU) is be used to link the Teagasc and DAFM systems.

The attached tender document gives some sample screenshots to illustrate functionality and data fields

Download more screenshots here:

NWP Demo

File name is NMP_Demo.mp4 view here:


Note: Where a new or amended NMP is submitted in 2022, only a plan produced by the Teagasc Online Nutrient Management Plan programme or the Farm Eye Nutrient Management Plan programme is acceptable.

Alternative to NMP Online

The Farmeye NMP (nutrient management plan) portal has been approved by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine as an alternative to the Teagasc system for preparation of compliance-based NMPs such as derogation plans.

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Grenagh Wastewater Treatment Plant in Cork, the plant could not cope with the volume of milk that required treatment, resulting in operational difficulties to treat the wastewater

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