Records collected by DAFM on derogation farms

DAFM Training Requirements for New and Existing Nitrates Derogation Applicants 2022

There are approx 6800 farms in derogation, and each one would have approx 100 pages of records in the DAFM database (generally in pdf format with things like farm maps, soil sample results, fertiliser accounts etc). Inspection data (5% of derogation farms are inspected) is held in a different DAFM system

Basic statistical information on nitrates derogation is published

2015-2021 Derogation Herd Locations per LEA – Datasets –

2021 is the most recent complete data available, as 2022 applicants have until 31 March 2023 to submit support documents

The attached gives an idea of the data collected in by DAFM (and held in the derogation register, which is known as the AgSchemes Nitrates Derogation System)

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