Bord na Mona – Enhanced Decommissioning Rehabilitation and Restoration Scheme (EDRRS)

AIE 043-2023

Quarterly Report – Bord Na Mona Q3 FY23
(October 2022 to December 2022)

NPWS / BnM Monitoring and Verification Meeting Minutes

AS advised that NPWS will be developing a formal signoff procedure for the completion of bogs.

Blank record

EDRRS – Monitoring proposals discussion

Ecology Workshop

EDRRS 2022 Archaeology meeting

Quarterly Project Management Meeting for the Bord na Móna Enhanced Decommissioning, Rehabilitation and Restoration Scheme – 16th June 2022

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Afforesting and reafforesting sites with deep peat

Department: Agriculture, Food and the Marine

If the Minister will not accept the UN recommendation for countries to leave untouched all peat soils of 10cm depth rather than afforesting and reafforesting sites with peat depths of 30cm, 40cm, and even 50cm peat [Written Answer 26/04/2023 Question Number(s): 135 Question Reference(s): 19661/23], can he at least assure the Deputy that he will end afforestation or reafforestation on peat soils of a greater depth than 15cm, given that his Government itself has published as part of the EU Green Deal ‘Keeping Ireland Green: 12 Stories about the EU and Ireland’s Environment’ with an introduction by Minister Ryan in which it is stated in Section 9 ‘A climate change solution beneath our feet’ that ‘It is estimated that a 15cm thick layer of peat contains more carbon per hectare than a tropical forest.’

Milltownpass Bog Natural Heritage Area

AIE request 047 2023

Access to information held by the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage relating to: all correspondence (including with operators, the EPA or Westmeath Co. Co.), inspector reports, including any photos/videos, maps, interview transcripts and other materials related to peat extraction within or adjacent to Milltownpass Bog Natural Heritage Area in the period 2021 to 2023

Turbary GIS Review Blanket Bog SACs 2023

Tender for a desk study to update GIS data, and a number of related tasks, on the scale and impact levels of peat-cutting in blanket bog SACs designated to protect blanket bog and associated habitats, in Ireland.

This work will inform regulatory system for peat extraction on blanket bogs in such sites.

1.2 Background and Summary of Requirements Increased knowledge on the rate of loss and damage to rare and threatened habitats and species is reflected in legislation to protect these natural resources in particular the EU Habitats, Birds and EIA Directives and the Wildlife Acts (1976) and Amendments (2000).

One of these habitats is blanket bog which, according to the survey of Hammond (1979), once covered an estimated 773,860 ha in Ireland and despite, large scale losses, is still our most extensive peatland habitat. Ireland also has particular responsibility for blanket bog as it holds (along with Scotland, Norway and NW Spain) a significant proportion of the global resource and the largest remaining resource of, Atlantic blanket bog, a hyper-oceanic bog type.

Ireland is also now the only EU country with lowland blanket bog habitat. Under the EU Habitats Directive 55 Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) have been designated as SAC for the protection of blanket bog.

The work entails provision of an update (based on interpretation of recent aerial imagery) of GIS data and site summary reports of 2015 review of blanket bog SACs (Table 1 in RFT) and to apply original review method and update to 5 additional blanket bog SACs (Table 2) and to analyse trends in peat-cutting.

A critical review of draft turbary management zoning and overview reports (from earlier review of 10 SACs (Table 4 in RFT) is also required to consider improvements if needed in approach to inform how draft provisional /indicative management zoning should be applied (and to apply this) to remaining SACs (and if needed to update same for those 10 SACs) using imagery review results with key biodiversity data.

Year 3 of the scientific work to inform a system for the management of turf-cutting in designated blanket bog SACs and NHAs: Applying Provisional Management Zones VOLUME 1 – SECOND DRAFT (Version 02a)

Simon J. Barron, Botanical, Environmental and Conservation Consultants Ltd., (BEC Consultants)

February 2018. Prepared for the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht

Draft Provisional Management Zones for Bellacorrick Bog Complex SAC (001922) Co. Mayo

Request for Tenders dated 06/04/2023 for the provision of Turbary GIS Review Blanket bog SACs 2023 0405_SABB23

Milltownpass Bog – unlicenced peat extraction site next to NHA Bog

Photos from site visit March 2023

Also see:

The National Parks and Wildlife Service has brought proceedings against Mr Daragh Coyne who it is claimed has engaged in activities that have resulted in damage to Milltownpass Bog in Co. Westmeath which has been a designated NHA for several years.

The Minister for Culture Heritage and the Gaeltacht, which is responsible for the service, previously obtained temporary injunctions preventing Mr Coyne from carrying out any unauthorised works on or interfering with the NHA.

The lands in question where the illegal activities are alleged to have taken place are owned by both the Minister, and by a member of Mr Coyne’s family, the court heard. Mr Coyne, of Coralstown, Mullingar Co Westmeath, denies any wrongdoing.

A man has been convicted and fined €15,000 for dumping in Milltownpass Bog, which is a protected natural heritage area, in Co Westmeath last year. The case was brought before Mullingar District Court by the Minister for Heritage on April 8th. The man was also instructed to pay €3,810 in costs.

DAFM: whether the Department was justified in refusing the appellant’s request on the basis that no information within the scope of that request is held by or for it

Case: OCE-119758-L8R2B8

Note: Para 17 bullet point 2 is the interesting one. If the AIE section does not have access to the relevant information the onus falls on the other key personnel

EPA Peatland Site Inspection Reports

AIE Request

OEE AIE 2023 06

“…to request site inspection reports for peatland sites

Page 16 of

Figure 2. Summary of EPA enforcement activities

Notes 55 site inspections, 48 of which were to unauthorised peat harvesting sites

For the purpose of this AIE please include inspection reports related to unauthorised peat harvesting sites from 2021 to current date (less those already granted but not refused under OEE AIE 22 3)”


A total of 51 records were identified as relevant to your request with 15 of these records granted in full and 14 part-granted.

I have identified a further 22 records which are refused in accordance with Article 9(1)(b) of the AIE Regulations

Annaghbeg, Monasteraden Co Sligo

Abbeylara Peat Ltd and/or its agents

Monasteradeen Co Sligo

Abbeylara Peat Ltd and/or its agents

Ballymaglavy, Abbeyshrule Co Westmeath

Baltrsana Bog, Greatdown, Larkfield, Mullingar, County Westmeath

Blyry Lower Bog, Tullycross and Blyry, Athlone, County Westmeath

Blyry Lower Bog, Tullycross and Blyry, Athlone,
County Westmeath

Cornaveagh, Donamon, Co. Roscommon

Chevychase Bog, Cushina, Portarlington, County

Chevychase Bog, Cushina, Portarlington, County

Oldcroghan Bog, Green lane, County Offaly

Oldcroghan, Green Lane, County Offaly

Ballykileen Bog, Clara County Offaly

Arragh Beg Bog, Arragh Beg, County Tipperary

Arragh Beg Bog, Arragh Beg County Tipperary

Ballymaglavy Co Westmeath

Colm Foy (Midland Turf)/ Ronan Quinn (Derrymore Peat)

Annaghcooleen, Co. Longford

Annaghcooleen, Co. Longford

Baltrsana Bog, Greatdown, Larkfield, Mullingar,
County Westmeath

Blyry Lower Bog, Tullycross and Blyry, Athlone,
County Westmeath

Walsh Island, The Forge, Co. Offaly

Bulrush Horticulture and/or its agents

Clooncunny, Donamon, Co. Galway

Cush, Co. Offaly

Arragh Beg Bog, Arragh Beg County Tipperary

Manorstar Ltd.

Moyvalley Bog, Clonuff and Ballina, Moyvalley
County Kildare

Oldcroghan Bog, Green Lane, County Offaly

Wright Peat Ltd, Bulrush Horticulture Ltd, Stom Barra Ltd

Oldcroghan Bog, Green lane, County Offaly

Wright Peat Ltd, Bulrush Peat Ltd, Stom Barra Ltd

Ballykileen Bog, Clara County Offaly

Ballykileen Bog, Clara County Offaly

Ballykileen Bog, Clara County Offaly