Peatland Map 2020

The dataset is part of the published scientific paper Habib W, Connolly J, A national-scale assessment of land use change in peatlands between 1989 and 2020 using Landsat data and Google Earth Engine—a case study of Ireland. Regional Environmental Change, 2023. The overall objective of this study is to understand peatland land use dynamics in Ireland for the periods 1989–1991, 2004-2006 and 2018–2020. The compressed file contains three GIS files (raster), each representing the aforementioned periods.

2020 GIS data

Bord na Mona Board Minutes

AIE Request COSEC00402

Meetings of the Bord na Móna Board for the Years 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 YTD:
1) Agenda/ minutes of the Board.
2) Copies of presentations, analysis, reports or other written records provided to the Board in relation to Board meeting agendas (i.e. where records are noted in agenda/minutes, please consider these records within scope of the AIE

AIE Request: Bord na Mona’s Drainage Management Plans produced under the EDRRS / PCAS Project

AIE 065-2023

Castlegar Bog

Edera Bog

Kellysgrove Bog

Derrycolumb Bog

Clonad Bog

Oughter Bog

Ummeras Bog

Turraun Bog

Esker Bog

Mount Lucas Bog

Cavemount Bog

Belmont Bog

Pollagh Bog

Derrycashel Bog

Boora Bog

Bunahinly – Kilgarvin Bog

Begnagh Bog

Derrybrat Bog

Clooneeny Bog

Killaranny Bog

Timahoe South Bog

Prosperorus Bog

Carranstown Bog

Lodge Bog

Derrinboy Bog

Derryfadda Bog

Cloncreen Bog

Knappoge Bog

Ballycon Bog

Blackwater Bog

Bloomhill Bog

Derryshannoge Bog

Ballaghurt and Glebe Bog

Rathdrum and Daingean Derries Bogs

Bracklin West Bog

Derryarogue Bog

Derryadd East Bog

Drinagh Bog

Corlea Bog

Clynan Bog

Forest Road Application – 1,775m road in Co. Offaly (Forest Road Application CN92176)

Road is to serve two plantations on cutover bog and traverses the cut-over bog

Details on the FLV.

Look at it with the Bing Maps layer on in the FLV for context.

Should taxpayers money be used to fund what is effectively an emissions project?

2000m of Forest Road in the most benign of locations would require a mandatory EIA. This is not far short in a far from benign location. 

If DAFM FS rejects the application the landowners could be stuck timber that they cannot harvest on the basis of planting on the basis of DAFM FS approval

Real conundrum here for DAFM and one to watch