EPA Inspection at Bord na Móna Energy Limited (Blackwater)

Site: Clooniff Bog
Licence Reg. No: P0502-01

The Agency carried out this site visit to review the PCAS works undertaken at Clooniff bog and to review the surface
water monitoring data for discharges from the bog to receiving waters.

The rehabilitation works undertaken at Clooniff were reviewed during this site visit. The discharges from the site to the Ballydangan have been noted to be a significant pressure on the waterbody which is under pressure from peat extraction.

The licensee stated that the rehabilitation works, undertaken as part of the PCAS scheme, are nearly completed. The results of the rehabilitation works undertaken to date can be seen in Photographs 1 -5.

Action Required
The licensee shall submit, via return on the Eden portal, the monitoring data for discharges from the bog to receiving waterbodies including trends of the results and commentary on these trends by 23/11/2022

Bord na Mona Biomass, reports and accounts

Bord na Móna p.l.c. hereby confirms and undertakes that the accounts of Bord na Móna Biomass Limited are and will be for the Financial Year ending on the 30 March 2022 consolidated into the Group Accounts of Bord na Móna p.l.c. and that the fact of Bord na Móna Biomass Limited availing of the concession under Section 357 of the Companies Act 2014 shall be noted on the said accounts

EPA Inspection Report: Bord na Mona Lanesboro (Longford) / Boundary to Klasmann Deilmann

Licence Register No. P0504-01

EPA site visit was undertaken to investigate the drain network and discharge points in the northeastern area of the Glenlough bog and the potential connection between Bord na Móna’s drains and a drain on a neighbouring peat extraction site.

Connections between Bord na Móna’s drains, and the neighbouring operator’s boundary drain were noted.

In the context of the rehabilitation plan and the need to reduce the loss of water from the bog, the licensee shall state whether and how they will cease discharges from their site to the neighbouring peat extraction site drainage network.

Any ongoing discharges that cannot immediately cease (pending rehabilitation works) shall be monitored in Q4 2022 at their point of entry into the drain to establish compliance with licence limit values and/or trigger levels. Confirmation of such shall be submitted to the EPA upon completion.

A bridge was observed to have been constructed over the boundary drain connecting the BnM site and the neighbouring peat extraction site. Tyre tracks were noted in the peat in the area across the bridge over the boundary drain. The licensee did not explain the function of the bridge.

Neighboring site is a large Klasmann Deilmann peat extraction operation.

Latest EPA documents on this licence

AIE: EPA inspections of 50Ha+ unlicenced peat extraction at Bord na Mona site known as Rochfortbridge

OEE AIE 2022 40 Decision

Under the AIE Regs to request details of any site inspections and/or enforcement actions in relation to unlicenced peat extraction at Bord na Mona site known as Rochfortbridge

Rochfortbridge operation is above 50Ha and is extracting and stockpiling peat as a part of the quarrying process. Site is owned by BnM and leased to CRH as principal operators. Peat is currently excavated to access sand and gravel sub-layers. Excavated peat is currently being stockpiled onsite. Rochfortbridge is divided into two sub-sites, both above the licenseable 50Ha: Derryarkin 165-hectares and Drumman 71-hectares”

Enhanced Decommissioning Rehabilitation and Restoration Scheme (EDRRS) Reports

Received via AIE, Nov 2022

Quarterly Reports – Bord Na Mona (January 2022 to Sept 2022)

Cúil Na Móna Anaerobic Digestion Facility


BNM would like to get a greater understanding of the following (but not limited to) in relation to Anaerobic Digestion Technology:

➢ Discussion on the proposed development, detailing the infrastructure required for the project from the acceptance and management of feedstock materials, generation of the raw biogas for upgrading to biomethane and injection into the gas network through to the production and management of the organic biofertiliser (digestate),
➢ What water requirements are necessary for the plant to run at optimal efficiency?
➢ What is the total MIC (Max Import Capacity) required for the system?
➢ Discussion on quantities of gas produced, quality of gas produced/gas upgrade plant,
➢ Discussion on Feedstock/Proposed Feedstocks and Digestibility of Feedstocks,
➢ Discussion on Digestate and Digestate separation,
➢ What size CHP unit is required for the plant?
➢ What are the technology capabilities for removing plastics/silt from the process?
➢ Discussion around batch and continuous fed processes,
➢ What type of cover is provided for the lagoon and typically how effective are these in providing odour retention?
➢ What is the optimal temperature for both the primary and secondary digestors to be maintained at?
➢ What is the optimal time period for the feedstock to be retained in the digestors for most effective yield?
➢ What quality standards are applicable in relation to elimination of emissions during the process?
➢ What detection system is implemented to monitor issues that may arise?
➢ Discussion on quantities of effluent/digestate produced?
➢ What is the typical level of downtime for maintenance required annually?
➢ What insulation standards are applied to the digestors?
➢ What content of hydrogen sulphide is the technology capable of removing in ppm?
➢ Requirements for Propane supplementation for injection to gas network,
➢ Is the technology capable of augmentation if developments to the plant were to be implemented e.g. increased feedstock load etc,
➢ Discussion on Traffic Movements,
➢ Discussion on Ancillary Infrastructure,
➢ Discussion on Site SCADA,

Bord na Mona Water Quality Testing Programme

Sampling of 185 silt pond locations (monthly)

80 samples taken up and downstream from 40 outfalls (quarterly)

6 samples per month from Blackwater Works, Edenderry Power Plant and Mountdillon Works

Weekly grab samples from bog operations

Clonbullogue Ash Repository

Derrinlough Briquette Factory

Kilberry Compost Facility