EPA Inspection at Bord na Móna Energy Limited (Blackwater)

Site: Clooniff Bog
Licence Reg. No: P0502-01

The Agency carried out this site visit to review the PCAS works undertaken at Clooniff bog and to review the surface
water monitoring data for discharges from the bog to receiving waters.

The rehabilitation works undertaken at Clooniff were reviewed during this site visit. The discharges from the site to the Ballydangan have been noted to be a significant pressure on the waterbody which is under pressure from peat extraction.

The licensee stated that the rehabilitation works, undertaken as part of the PCAS scheme, are nearly completed. The results of the rehabilitation works undertaken to date can be seen in Photographs 1 -5.

Action Required
The licensee shall submit, via return on the Eden portal, the monitoring data for discharges from the bog to receiving waterbodies including trends of the results and commentary on these trends by 23/11/2022

Bord na Mona Biomass, reports and accounts

Bord na Móna p.l.c. hereby confirms and undertakes that the accounts of Bord na Móna Biomass Limited are and will be for the Financial Year ending on the 30 March 2022 consolidated into the Group Accounts of Bord na Móna p.l.c. and that the fact of Bord na Móna Biomass Limited availing of the concession under Section 357 of the Companies Act 2014 shall be noted on the said accounts