Implementation of the High Court Judgement in Bord na Móna Plc. v. Commissioner for Environmental Information

AIE Request COSEC00410

1. Outline the steps taken by Bord na Móna to implement the judgment of the High Court of 7th February 2023 in Bord na Móna Plc. v. Commissioner for Environmental Information.

2. Provide copies of materials used to communicate the judgment to the relevant staff internally within the Bord na Móna group.

3. Provide copies of all updated procedures, updated templates etc flowing from it

4. Copies of all board documents and board minutes from Bord na Móna plc. and all wholly owned subsidiaries relating to the judgment.

5. Provide copies of all AIE refusal letters either at first instance or internal review since 7 February 2023, refusing access to environmental information on the basis that the requested information is held by a Bord na Móna subsidiary and therefore not held by or for Bord na Móna plc. (the requestor details can be redacted)

Bord na Mona Board Minutes

AIE Request COSEC00402

Meetings of the Bord na Móna Board for the Years 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 YTD:
1) Agenda/ minutes of the Board.
2) Copies of presentations, analysis, reports or other written records provided to the Board in relation to Board meeting agendas (i.e. where records are noted in agenda/minutes, please consider these records within scope of the AIE

AIE Request: Bord na Mona’s Drainage Management Plans produced under the EDRRS / PCAS Project

AIE 065-2023

Castlegar Bog

Edera Bog

Kellysgrove Bog

Derrycolumb Bog

Clonad Bog

Oughter Bog

Ummeras Bog

Turraun Bog

Esker Bog

Mount Lucas Bog

Cavemount Bog

Belmont Bog

Pollagh Bog

Derrycashel Bog

Boora Bog

Bunahinly – Kilgarvin Bog

Begnagh Bog

Derrybrat Bog

Clooneeny Bog

Killaranny Bog

Timahoe South Bog

Prosperorus Bog

Carranstown Bog

Lodge Bog

Derrinboy Bog

Derryfadda Bog

Cloncreen Bog

Knappoge Bog

Ballycon Bog

Blackwater Bog

Bloomhill Bog

Derryshannoge Bog

Ballaghurt and Glebe Bog

Rathdrum and Daingean Derries Bogs

Bracklin West Bog

Derryarogue Bog

Derryadd East Bog

Drinagh Bog

Corlea Bog

Clynan Bog

Tender: Ecological Survey and Analysis for Land & Habitats (Bord na Mona)

Detailed description:

In summary, the services comprise the provision of ecological services to Bord na Móna in relation to the provision of baseline vegetation monitoring and analysis as part of the Enhanced Decommissioning, Restoration and Rehabilitation Scheme (EDRRS) ( (EDRRS is also known as the Peatland Climate Action Scheme (PCAS)).

This ecological monitoring will inform vegetation research on the classification of BnM cutaway bog vegetation that would eventually be published as an Irish Wildlife Manual. Methods in respect of the required baseline monitoring should follow the approach of Smith and Crowley (2020).

This would require a) survey work by suitably qualified ecologists to record vegetation quadrats and then b) interpretation and statistical analysis to classify the vegetation types based on the quadrat data.

It is expected that a new , robust system of vegetation classification for cutaway bog vegetation types would be developed and a final report published as an Irish Vegetation Manual.

Bord na Mona – Enhanced Decommissioning Rehabilitation and Restoration Scheme (EDRRS)

AIE 043-2023

Quarterly Report – Bord Na Mona Q3 FY23
(October 2022 to December 2022)

NPWS / BnM Monitoring and Verification Meeting Minutes

AS advised that NPWS will be developing a formal signoff procedure for the completion of bogs.

Blank record

EDRRS – Monitoring proposals discussion

Ecology Workshop

EDRRS 2022 Archaeology meeting

Quarterly Project Management Meeting for the Bord na Móna Enhanced Decommissioning, Rehabilitation and Restoration Scheme – 16th June 2022

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