Derryfadda Bog, Co. Galway: Decommissioning and Rehabilitation Plan

Derryfadda Bog, Co. Galway, bordering Co. Roscommon, is part of the Derryfadda Bog group

Only a small portion of the whole Derryfadda Bog will be subject to the proposed decommissioning
and rehabilitation. The majority of Derryfadda Bog has been constrained out of the proposed decommissioning and rehabilitation due to alternative future land uses by Bord na Móna.

Bord na Móna are reviewing the potential to develop a potential renewable energy project at Derryfadda Bog. It is expected that this review will be completed in 1-2 years. In advance of this review of renewable energy potential, it is proposed to rehabilitate part of Derryfadda Bog in 2022-2024 that is not constrained

Any consideration of any other future after-uses for Derryfadda Bog, such as renewable energy, will be conducted in adherence to the relevant planning guidelines and consultation with relevant authorities and will be considered within the framework of this rehabilitation plan.

Some areas within and adjacent to the centre of the site (mostly outside of the BnM ownership boundary) are actively used for the production of domestic turf. Some small areas of plantation forestry also occur in the wider area, outside the west of the site.

Derryfadda bog is drained by the River Suck, located adjacent to the east of the site boundary.

Some small areas of turbary and former licenced plots also occur within the site boundary, notably within the centre of the site along an existing access road.

This bog is a pumped bog with the water table lower than the surrounding area.

Derryfadda/Killaderry bog has 16 treated surface water outlets to the River Suck. There are 7 direct to the River Suck (IE_SH_26S071200 SUCK_130), 5 to the Killaderry Stream (IE_SH_26K050940) and the balance of 4 to the Lughanagh Stream (IE_SH_26L530780).

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