Pearl Mussel Project (Latest Annual Report)

The freshwater pearl mussel (Margaritifera margaritifera) is a mussel species of clean rivers that is on the verge of extinction in Ireland and western Europe due to intensification of land use. The Pearl Mussel Project (PMP) is a locally led European Innovation Partnership (EIP) whereby local farmers, researchers, and advisors are working together to develop a programme to ensure long term coexistence of farming and freshwater pearl mussel in eight priority catchment areas in the west of Ireland.

A results based agri-environmental programme.

The programme will be an opportunity for farmers to be recognized and financially rewarded for delivering environmental benefits. Environmental targets will be set for individual farmers. They can then choose the most appropriate management to achieve that environmental target. Payments reflect the level of achievement based on a result that is measured in the field.

Click to access pmp-annual-report-2020-v4.pdf

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