LAWPRO Proposed Areas for Action

The process for the selection of Areas for Action for the 3rd Cycle was an evolution of the methodology used for the 2nd Cycle River Basin Management Plan. A new framework was developed for the latest selection process to capture the broad range of catchment management activities being undertaken using the current resources available. The EPA, together with LAWPRO and each of the five ROCs agreed a shortlist of Areas for Action, which was approved by the RMCs. This shortlist was submitted to the Department of Housing, Local Government, and Heritage in May 2021 by LAWPRO on behalf of the Regional Committees.

Areas for Action – reasons for selection

This is a handy Excel that gives a short overview of threats and potential actions in specific catchments

Excel created by Niamh Rogan (Contractor), 23/04/2018

AIE submitted 24/11/2021

Under the AIE Regs, I would like to request all details from LAWPRO on the following Area for Action

East & Midlands
Derravaragh Westmeath

26F _9
• Three potential quick wins .
• Building on existing work completed by Westmeath County Council in Multyfarnham.
• Headwaters to Derravaragh lake.
• Important fishery -– one of 13 wild brown trout fisheries in Europe.
• Potential to build on work completed by IFI.
• The underlying groundwater body is At Risk – potential to build on previous karst research.
• Important for tourism & heritage.
• Two deteriorated water bodies

Notes: for context, from the above, I would like to determine

1) What is the actual documentation the catchment officer completes for LAWPRO to identify the above bullet points ?
2) Where are the documents for specific Areas for Action (3rd Cycle) stored, and in what format are they stored ? eg pdf or other formats
3) Where quick wins are identified (eg three potential in above example) where are the actual details written up ? (ie to allow reader to determine what these quick wins are)
4) Are all or any of the above passed to Teagasc ?  I’d assumed they all were, but recent AIE suggests this may not be the case, perhaps only suspected farm related pressures are passed to ASSAP officer, so they may not have a formal handover document from LAWPRO on the threats/opportunities on a catchment
5) Where the points identify potential to build on works by 3rd parties (eg CoCo or IFI above), what documentation is passed to those third parties (eg is there an annual report to IFI from LAWPRO on each threat, or on each catchment?)

Attached list of all Action Areas with the field that I am interested in for publication (entitled Reasons for Selection)

I assume a similar process is underway for current plan, and an updated Action Areas Reasons for Selection will be published in due course

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