National Ecosystem and Ecosystem Services Map – Land Promoting Good Water Quality

This dataset contains a raster file showing the contribution of land to the maintenance of high water quality, though natural filtration of sediment.

This dataset is part of a dataset series that establishes an ecosystem service maps (national scale) for a set of services prioritised through stakeholder consultation and any intermediate layers created by Environment Systems Ltd in the cause of the project. The individual dataset resources in the datasets series are to be considered in conjunction with the project report:

The project provides a National Ecosystem and Ecosystem Services (ES) map for a suite of prioritised services to assist implementation of MAES (Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystems and their services) in Ireland.

This involves stakeholder consultation for identification of services to be mapped, the development of a list of indicators and proxies for mapping, as well as an assessment of limitations to ES mapping on differing scales (Local, Catchment, Region, National, EU) based on data availability. Reporting on data gaps forms part of the project outputs.

The project relied on the usage of pre-existing data, which was also utilised to create intermediate data layers to aid in ES mapping. For a full list of the data used throughout the project workings, please refer to the project report.

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