River Urban Waste Water Pressures

Significant pressures have been identified for waterbodies that are At Risk of not meeting their water quality objectives under the Water Framework Directive. While there are a multitude of pressures in every waterbody, the significant pressures are those pressures which need to be addressed in order to improve water quality. Many of our waterbodies have multiple significant pressures. A robust scientific assessment process has been carried out to determine which pressures are the significant pressures. This has incorporated over 140 datasets, a suite of modelling tools, and local knowledge from field and enforcement staff from the Local Authorities, Inland Fisheries Ireland and EPA. Impacts from urban waste water include nutrient and organic pollution. Urban Waste Water pressures are subcategorised into combined sewer overflows, Agglomeration PE >10,000, Agglomeration PE 2001 to 10,000, Agglomeration PE 1001 to 2000, Agglomeration PE 500 to 1000 and Agglomeration PE <500. (population equivalence)


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