Expertise Needed. Please comment or get in touch if you have expertise in particular water quality pressures listed below

Looking to talk to people with experience in the following areas…

Mapping, monitoring and current projects (pilot projects) to address water quality pressures from:

WWTPs and national schedule for upgrades

Landfills (historic/open)

Quarries / extractive industry

“Urban diffuse pressures”

Forestry / Coillte impacts and/or remediation projects

Peatlands / peat extraction /ammonia (now sorted for this, thanks to all the folk at recent Peatlands Gathering)

Agri: nitrates / cattle access points / derogation farms

Pearl Mussels (looking beyond scope of current PM Project)

Natural water retention measures (NWRMs) in an Irish context

Irish Water and/or Group Water abstraction in At Risk catchments

Weir/dam mapping and removals

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