Community Water Development Fund

For 2021, the fund was increased to €360,000, up from €225,000 in 2020.

The Community Water Development Fund supports communities in progressing water related projects and initiatives, delivering benefits locally whilst also helping to meet the objectives of the River Basin Management Plan for Ireland and the wider EU Water Framework Directive.

This Fund is open to all community and voluntary groups to assist in the protection and management of water quality, both locally and in the wider catchment.

This can include the development of a catchment partnership or River/Lake Trust, and delivery of local projects to protect and improve water quality in a local waterbody.

Types of projects considered for funding will include:

  • Capital projects such as restoration/habitat conservation/natural flood mitigation measures; fish passage projects; invasive species control, etc.
  • Projects that promote public awareness/education and events such as biodiversity days, surveys, training workshops, surveys and plans, water conservation initiatives; Citizen Science, etc.
  • General amenity such as beach clean, improving amenity areas, bird watching facilities, etc.

Grants awarded will be awarded at 3 levels:

  • from €500 to €5,000;
  • up to €10,000; and
  • up to €25,000.

The Community Water Fund will enable communities to get more involved in the management of their local water environment, delivering multiple benefits for present and future generations.

The fund is administered by the Local Authority Waters Programme on behalf of the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage.

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