Dragonfly Ireland 2019 – 2024

Survey / Citizen Science

Dragonfly Ireland 2019 – 2024 is an all-Ireland survey of dragonflies and damselflies, and their habitats.

The survey is coordinated by the National Biodiversity Data Centre in the Republic of Ireland and by the Centre for Environmental Data and Recording in Northern Ireland.

Dragonfly Ireland 2019-2024 is funded by the Environmental Protection Agency as part of a citizen science project focusing on aquatic species and their potential as bioindicators. The goals of Dragonfly Ireland include:

  • Collecting verified dragonfly and damselfly records, contributing to a 2024 Dragonfly Atlas.
  • Exploring the use of dragonflies and damselflies as bio-indicators of freshwater habitat quality.
  • Engaging with the public to increase awareness of water quality and climate change.
  • Developing and supporting a network of trained and experienced dragonfly recorders in Ireland.

Dragonfly Ireland will also generate important information on some of Ireland’s small water bodies. Despite the widespread nature of small water bodies in the Irish landscape, they are a poorly understood habitat, and little is known about their ecological value. Collecting data on habitats and the associated dragonfly and damselfly fauna will help to fill this knowledge gap.

The project offers three levels of participation to volunteers:

  • Dragonfly Spotter encourages the submission of casual sightings of any Dragonfly or Damselfly species.
  • Dragonfly Recorder asks volunteers to conduct timed surveys of a freshwater site, record all dragonfly and damselfly species present, estimate their numbers, and assess their habitat. Two surveys must be completed, one in May/June and the second between July and September.
  • Dragonfly Monitor asks volunteers to conduct a minimum of four surveys at their local site, and to repeat site surveys annually.

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If you would like to participate in Dragonfly Ireland 2019 – 2024 further information is available at:

Sightings of Dragonflies and Damselflies in Northern Ireland can be
submitted at: www2.habitas.org.uk/records/dragonflies

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