Conservation Grazing

Sample conservation grazing projects in Ireland

Kerry Uplands

2011 to 2016

This project seeks to develop evidence-based management recommendations for the uplands, specifically with regard to the impact of cattle grazing on upland habitats. The home range and resource selection of Dexters (a native breed) in the 462 hectare Mount Brandon Nature Reserve in County Kerry is being investigated. It is a collaborative project between the Institute of Technology, Tralee, the National Parks and Wildlife Service, and an organic farmer in west Kerry.

Virtual Fencing Trials

Since summer 2020, the Agri-Ecology Unit of National Parks & Wildlife Service and three farmers have been progressing Ireland’s first virtual fencing studies on commercial farms, assisted by Teagasc, IT Sligo and Michael Martyn Agri-Environmental Consultants.

These conservation grazing trials using innovative technologies are being undertaken on three farms participating in the NPWS Farm Plan Scheme (ffn-ebook-complete.pdf (

Burren Programme

Fernhill Meadows

Biodiversity Conservation of Fernhill Meadows with Droimeann Cattle

Lullymore West Bog, Kildare

Donkey grazing to support endangered Marsh Fritillary (Euphydyras aurinia) butterflies on the Irish Peatland Conservation Council’s Lullymore West Bog Nature Reserve in Co. Kildare

Grazing donkeys help boost endangered butterfly populations on Kildare bog

Old Irish Goats Grazing Gunnera Tinctoria

Goats to tackle the invasive plant Gunnera Tinctoria

Howth Goats

Three-year project involving the Old Irish Goat Society and Fingal County Council.

Horses on gorse

Hen Harrier programme

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