DROPLET and the EPA Research Projects Database

DROPLET (Database of Research Outputs: Projects, Literature and Environmental Technologies) is the EPAs, interactive web application for exploring information about projects which have been funded in Ireland on Water Research.

It has been developed by the Environmental Protection Agency but includes projects from many other funders of environmental research in Ireland. DROPLET also includes information on Water research infrastructure in Ireland.


Click to access DROPLET_User_Guide.pdf


The DROPLET  website is not functioning at the moment and is not being updated , as the EPA Research programme is considering incorporating it as part of the more centralised portal for all research funded projects by EPA ( also not  underway yet). 

However there is further information on all EPA funded research projects, that can be accessed through the publicly accessible database Visit the EPA Research Projects Database

The EPA has funded over 1,000 projects since 2001 varying in size from desk-based studies to large multi-annual projects.

This database contains information about all of these projects and is searchable by keywords, lead researcher, research institution, etc.

This database also provides details of the project abstract, expected end date, and where relevant a link to the final report/output.

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