Green Deal targets for 2030 and agricultural production studies

Various studies, recently published, analysed possible effects of some elements of the Farm to Fork and Biodiversity Strategies on EU agriculture, including the Commission’s Joint Research Centre study.

The studies provide both the scientific community and policy makers with a valuable insight on the choice of policy tools to mitigate the risks. However, the models used in the studies all have their limitations.

They are not able to assess the full impacts of the two strategies and predict the future. For instance, the future consumer behavioural changes, the impact of research and innovation or technological uptake in the agricultural sector have not, or partially, been taken into account.

Nonetheless, the Commission welcomes the studies’ contributions to the debate and is committed to make this transition towards more sustainable food systems successful so that our food systems reduce their negative impact on climate change and biodiversity loss, while ensuring that farmers and consumers can benefit from it and our long-term food security is safeguarded.

The factsheet below presents an overview of each study and the elements considered.

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