Implementation Strategy for Nature Based Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

A working group has been established jointly by the CCMA and DHLGH to oversee the development of a project scope to deliver an implementation strategy for nature based Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems on a national scale.

This strategy will support the City and County Development plans in the implementation of nature based solutions to surface water
management through water sensitive urban designs.

The provision of interim guidance documentation to the Local and Planning Authorities on measures to be implemented to support the delivery of a greater focus on nature based solutions in advance of a national implementation strategy is also called out in the plan.

Further actions also include:

  1. The National Bathing Water Expert Group to undertake a project to determine the most suitable approach to protecting bathers’ health outside of the current bathing season in Dublin Bay.
  2. DHLGH to amend the existing Bathing Water Regulations (S.I. No. 79 of 2008) to provide discretion to local authorities on determining the bathing season for individual bathing waters.
  3. Establish a programme for the modelling and monitoring of rainwater run-off and overflows.
  4. Oversee the preparation of integrated urban drainage management plans.

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