Development of a Novel scavaenging & Sensing Device for Biological Contaminants in water

Project AttributeProject Details
Project TitleDevelopment of a Novel scavaenging & Sensing Device for Biological Contaminants in water
EPA Project Code2019-W-PhD-16
Lead OrganisationTechnological University Dublin (TU Dublin)
CoordinatorReeta Joshi
EPA Research 2014 – 2020 Theme(s)Water: Theme 3: Innovative Water Technologies
EPA Research Pillars
Project Start and End DatesStart: 09/09/2019
End (if applicable): 08/09/2023
Revised End Date (if applicable):
EPA Project Type
EPA Award TypeSTRIVE – Scholarships
Current Project StatusGrant Awarded
Total Funding Amount48000.00
Project Abstract/DescriptionIreland is world renowned for having a plentiful supply of natural water resources from which good quality drinking water can be obtained, adding significant advantage in promoting products from the agri-food industry in the global economy. In an Ireland that has increased ts product diversity, intensified production processes and farming methods in recent years, there is a need to ensure our waters are tested and treated using rapid and cheap technologies to maintain our water quality standards. In November 2018, The EPA published the Water Quality in 2017 – An Indicators Report, which showed a decline in the biological quality of our rivers nationally. There are methods for detection of biological contaminants and their removal from water, but they are limited by specialist treatment steps, lengthy analysis and lack of specificity. This project will address this issue by creating a new water technology system for dealing with biological contaminants. It will be a dual function technology which can scavenge contaminants from water and quantitate biological contaminants in water. The new devise will be cheap and easy to prepare, be eco-friendly and can be adapted in future projects for other biological contaminants and chemical species. Molecularly Imprinted Ploymers (MIPs) will-be-used
EPA Scientific OfficerLisaSheils

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