Reducing the Effects of Forest Management to Inland Waters

Project AttributeProject Details
Project TitleReducing the Effects of Forest Management to Inland Waters
EPA Project Code2019-W-MS-40
Lead OrganisationUniversity College Dublin (UCD)
CoordinatorFlorence Renou-Wilson
EPA Research 2014 – 2020 Theme(s)Water: Theme 4: Understanding, Managing and Conserving our Water Resources
EPA Research Pillars
Project Start and End DatesStart: 01/04/2019
End (if applicable): 31/03/2022
Revised End Date (if applicable):
EPA Project TypeMedium Scale Project
EPA Award TypeSTRIVE – Project Based Awards
Current Project StatusGrant Awarded
Total Funding Amount144996.75
Project Abstract/DescriptionSince the demand for bioenergy and biomass is expanding rapidly, and a large part of forests in the Nordic countries, and Ireland is located on peatlands, there is a need for comprehensive analysis of the environmental effects of peatland forest harvesting and subsequent forest management practices such as drainage and clear-cutting operations on water quality. Terrestrial and aquatic systems are interlinked; the nutrients and organic matter are transported in runoff and drainage water from land to lakes via streams and rivers. The changes in water quality also have drastic effects on aquatic biogeochemistry and ecosystem functioning. Nutrients and organic matter transported in runoff and drainage water causes eutrophication which increases the oxygen consumption of the lakes and rivers virtually always. Although the effects of brownification varies, it also often results in increased hypoxia and even anoxia. In the Irish part of the REFORM project, we propose to first review long-term existing datasets as well as collect field data from experimental sites that will inform the development and testing of the process model. This study will help to reduce forestry-related negative effects on water quality. The overall project will see quite a number of academic outputs in terms of publications as peer reviewed papers in international journals. It is expected that the Irish work will feature in most of those 10 forecasted Publications which will be open access. It is proposed that one specific paper will be published from the Irish data collection part of the project aiming at the Irish forestry industry sector will be published in Irish Forestry. Presentations at international conferences will also feature as a strong outputs (especially European Geosciences Union) and the more technical solutions and practical applications will be presented in specific fora targeted at professionals in forestry, water management and environmental platforms as well a more policy related platform that the main Irish PI attend (e.g. Peatland Council).
EPA Scientific OfficerDorothyStewart

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