DAFM Animal Identification and Movement (AIM) Bovine Statistics Report for 2020

This report gives a snapshot of bovine density in Ireland

Click to access 12ca7bbf-f873-41e7-88fe-68b206f58f4a.pdf

Note: this is a good example of application of Open Data Directive. A lot of data is published in pdf or other formats that make analysis impossible. For example, you cannot overlay this map with catchment maps or nitrates or other data. You can submit raw data request via EIA, but ideally Dept would publish all datasets with an API to conform with the Directive, which came into force in July

If you have an Open Data request cc to the relevant Dept FOI Officer and cc to Helena.Campbell@per.gov.ie and PaulD.Fitzpatrick@per.gov.ie at the Open Data Unit

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