Surface / Storm Water Run-off Discharges from Industrial Settlement Ponds

Example: SmartPly, OSB manufacturing plant, Waterford

Plant emissions to water are from storm water run-off from the logyard, roofs and paved areas. This water is collected via a series of drains and channeled into two settlement ponds, each capable of holding 2500m3. An additional holding capacity of 5000m3 is provided by two emergency holding ponds (EHTs) which are utilised in the event of a spill or emergency situation.

In the settlement ponds, the water is allowed to settle and any particulates present, such as silt, grit etc., settle out of solution to the bottom to form sludge. Following settlement the now treated water is released to the River Suir.

The problem is when heavy rain overwhelms this settlement system, and flushes the ponds into the Suir. This site is due for upgrade of the settlement pond system to increase capacity.

How many similar settlement ponds are in operation in Ireland, and how many are at capacity in the event of heavy rainfall or stormwater ?

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