Landfill Licensing (EPA)

3 landfills in Ireland are accepting municipal waste in 2021, compared with 21 a decade earlier

Number of Operational Municipal Waste Landfills and Incinerators

Operational municipal landfills in 2020

Authorisation numberFacility name and locationWaste for disposal (maximum tonnes per annum)Waste types for disposal (maximum tonnes per annum)1Waste types for recovery (maximum tonnes per annum)1
W0146Knockharley Landfill Co. Meath175,000100,000 household 45,000 commercial 30,000 industrial25,000 construction & demolition 70,000 inert waste
W0165Ballynagran Residual Landfill Co. Wicklow175,00062,500 household 67,500 commercial 45,000 industrial28,000 construction & demolition
W0201Drehid Waste Management Facility Co. Kildare120,000120,000 non-hazardous municipal, commercial and industrial wastesNo limit for inert waste where used in landfill engineering

Knockharley Landfill

Ballynagran Landfill

Drehid Waste Management Facility

Authorised waste to energy capacity, 2019

Authorised waste to energy capacity in IrelandAuthorisation NumberMaximum waste acceptance limit per year (tonnes)

Indaver Ireland Ltd.W0167235,000
Dublin Waste to Energy Ltd.

Lagan CementP048795,000
Irish Cement Ltd.P0030120,000
Quinn Cement Ltd.P0378127,875



Composting and anaerobic digestion capacity, by facility, 2019

Facility NameAuthorisation numberComposting activityAnaerobic digestion activityBiostabilisation of organic finesLocationMaximum annual intake (tonnes per annum) under authorisation
Athchursáil Árann TeorantaCOMP-19YesNoNoCo. Galway60
Bord na Móna PLC Kilberry Compost FacilityW0198YesNoNoCo. Kildare96,000
Bord Na Móna PLC (Drehid Landfill)W0201YesNoYesCo. Kildare25,000
Bruscar Bhearna Teoranta t/a Barna WasteW0106YesNoNoCo. Galway40,000
Clare County Council Central Waste Management FacilityW0109YesNoNoCo. Clare2,000
Cleary Compost and Shredding LtdWFP-KE-10-0064-01YesNoNoCo. Kildare10,000
Cremin’s Farm Compost LtdWFP/L/2018/23A/R9YesNoNoCo. Limerick10,000
Crystalhill InnWFP-KK-16-0001-01YesNoNoCo. Kilkenny10,000
CTO Environmental Solutions LtdWFP-CK-09-0018-03YesNoNoCo. Cork10,000
Enrich Environmental LtdP1013YesNoYesCo. Meath50,000
Enviro Grind LtdWFP-DL-17-004-05YesNoNoCo. Donegal10,000
Garden Waste Recycling LtdWFP-KE-19-0095-01YesNoNoCo. Kildare4,000
Kings Tree Services Ltd t/a Greenking Composting LtdW0218YesNoNoCo. Wicklow40,000
Limerick City and County Council (Mungret Facility)R02188YesNoNoCo. Limerick5,000
Louth County Council Dundalk LandfillW0034YesNoNoCo. Louth4,000
M & T Plant Hire LtdWFP-WX-17-0129-01YesNoNoCo. Wexford10,000
Michael Dolan t/a Johnstown RecyclingWFP-WM-2015-001YesNoNoCo. Westmeath3,000
Molaisin Compost LtdW0245YesNoNoCo. Waterford20,000
Ormonde OrganicsW0287YesYesNoCo. Waterford40,000
O’Toole CompostingW0284-01YesNoNoCo. Carlow40,000
Padraig Thornton Waste Disposal Limited t/a Thorntons RecyclingW0195YesNoNoCo. Meath40,000
Shane ThorntonWFP-MH-14-0007-02YesNoNoCo. Meath10,000
Sligo County Council – Young’s QuarryR1474YesNoNoCo. Sligo
Starrus Eco Holdings LtdW0249YesNoNoCo. Tipperary45,000
Waddock Composting Facility LtdP1009YesNoNoCo. Carlow24,900
Ballyshannon Recycling LtdWFP-WX-15-0084-02NoYesNoCo. Wexford10,000
BioCore Environmental AD1 LtdWFP-RN-11-0002-02NoYesNoCo. Roscommon10,000
Bio-Energy and Organic Fertiliser Services (BEOFS)WFP–KK–14–0010-02NoYesNoCo. Kilkenny10,000
H&L Environmental Services LtdWFP-T-12-0003-02NoYesNoCo. Tipperary30,000
McDonnell Farms Biogas Ltd t/a GreenGas AD PlantWFP/L/2017/50/R4/T1NoYesNoCo. Limerick10,000
McGill Environmental Systems (Ireland) Ltd (Glenville Facility)W0180NoNoYesCo. Cork20,800
Miltown Composting Systems LtdW0270-01NoNoYesCo. Tipperary24,500
OD Agri Ltd t/a OD RecyclingWFP-TS-10-0002-05NoNoYesCo. Tipperary23,400

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