AIE on drainage operations on Bord na Mona landbank

Bord na Mona are not subject to FOI

AIE (03/11/2021)


Under the AIE Regulations, I would like to request a list of all current bog drainage operations currently underway on BNM properties

For clarify, I’m asking for ALL drainage operations on the BNM landbank. Not just BNMs own drainage operations e.g. any underway via joint ventures with PowerGen, Coillte, ESB, OPW or others

BnM Decision:

Bord na Mona plc does not hold any information in relation to your request.
The information in relation to your request is held by Bord na Móna Energy Limited. It is the
opinion of Bord na Móna Energy Limited that they are not a public authority for the purpose of the
AIE Regulations.
Your request to Bord na Móna plc is therefore refused.

As of Sept 2021, the OIC ruled on this issue in relation to BnM Biomass, so the above will go to Appeal

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