NEROS Peatland (Project Complete)

NEtwork monitoring Rewetted/restored peatlands and Organic Soils for climate and biodiversity benefits

The NEROS project was funded by the EPA for two years starting January 2013 to set up a monitoring network of re-wetted/restored peatlands and organic soils in order to appraise their climate and biodiversity benefits.


1) The current state of degradation of Irish peat soils will only deteriorate further without intervention – this will lead to further loss of ecosystem services including the regulating services (climate (C sequestration and C storage), water regulation as well as erosion protection), the cultural services (recreational, aesthetic, spiritual and educational) and the supporting services (biodiversity, soil formation, nutrient cycling)

2) Re-wetting and restoring peatlands and organic soils are co-benefit measures, complementary to nature conservation and protection which can enhance biodiversity and restore biogeochemical functions that are vital for the delivery of ecosystem services and a sustainable environment

3) By fully exploiting the synergy potential of the climate change-biodiversity nexus, re-wetting and restoring peatlands and organic soils will facilitate Ireland’s legal requirements under EU Directives and national legislation (Habitats Directive, Birds Directive, Flora Protection Orders, the CBD, Water Framework Directive and Landscape Directive)


This project will establish a network of both degraded and re-wetted and restored peatlands throughout Ireland where we will be monitoring GHG fluxes and biodiversity components.  The ultimate aim is to provide high quality information to guide policy decisions in recognising the climate change-biodiversity nexus and its benefits in facilitating Ireland’s commitment to a more sustainable environment through the reduction of GHG emissions and conservation and sustainable use of a natural resource.

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