Smart Bog Project

Clara Bog

Environment Tools

Investigation into the Irish peatlands is fundamental into the development of tools for the wider environment and understanding the global carbon stocks including their effect on national and global carbon emission levels. This project is unique in its aims of determining the driver environmental variables which shape the carbon cycle of the peatland ecosphere and model the effect on the surrounding environment.

Sensor Platforms

Recent advances in sensors and sensor platforms for data collection present new ways to survey our environment. This project harnesses the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm for environmental sensing focusing on investigating solutions to key impediments to implementation such as cost, suitability and data integrity.

Satellite Data Fusion

Collating and fusing data from satelllite imagery and that from in situ environmental monitoring solutions effectively remains an open challenge for environmental sciences. Investigating links between satellite imagery and data collected from on site sensors is a major focus for this project. The main goal is to discover proxy measurements through imagery that can act as an indicator to determine the true value on the ground.

Data Collection and Presentation

Environmental monitoring and data collection is central to the projects goals. All ongoing data collected during the project will be documented and made publicly available.

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