Bord na Móna plc Board

Legal basis: Turf Development Act 1998, Part II
Maximum Number of Positions: 12
Gender Balance Numbers: Female (3), Male (7)
Gender Balance Percentage: Female (30%), Male (70%)
Notes: The Managing Director of Bord na Móna is an ex officio member. Term of office: 7 years

NameFirst AppointedReappointedExpiry DatePosition typeBasis of appointment
Barry Walsh16/10/201216/10/201715/10/2022Board MemberMinisterial Re Appointment
Eddie Tynan26/09/201931/12/2022Board MemberElected Employee Member
Elaine Treacy17/07/201218/07/201717/07/2022Board MemberMinisterial Re Appointment
Geoffrey Meagher20/10/201719/10/2022ChairMinisterial Appointment
Gerard O’Donoghue02/10/201202/10/201701/10/2022Board MemberMinisterial Reappointment
Kevin Healy01/11/201931/12/2022Board MemberElected employee member
Margot Slattery13/09/201912/09/2024Board MemberMinisterial Appointment
Mary Rose Burke13/09/201912/09/2024Board MemberMinisterial Appointment
Paddy Rowland01/01/201931/12/2022Board MemberElected Employee Member
Tom Donnellan16/04/201815/04/2025Board MemberEx Officio

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