Edenderry Power Station

Large peat and biomass-fired power station at the Cushaling river near Edenderry

128 MW (gross) baseload plant. Consumes just over 1 million tonnes (7.7PJ ) of fuel (biomass & peat) each year.

Capable of generating up to 120 MWe of power

As of 2020, the plant is co-fired with about 62% biomass (delivered by around 60 heavy goods vehicles per day), of which 336,000 energy tonnes (or 80%) is Irish.

The station has a target of 100% biomass by 2023.

The ash is sent by rail and deposited at the adjacent Cloncreen bog near Clonbullogue (alternative source suggests c. 32,000 tonnes/year goes to licensed landfill)

Water 220m3/hour abstracted from river Figile at Clonbullogue

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