AIE to Bord Bia on use of Biosolids, Biofert or Sewage Sludge as Fertiliser

TO: Anne, Bord Bia FOI Officer

Under the AIE regulations can I request

Any previous FOIs that mention biosolids, biofert or sewage sludge as fertiliser

Any correspondence between Bord Bia and Dept of Agriculture and/or EPA that mention biosolids, biofert or sewage sludge

Date range 2019 to current

Response to AIE submitted 15/11/21

Section 3.6(a) of the SBLAS states:

“The storage and or use of raw or treated sewage, sewage sludges or sewage-derived products on Bord Bia certified farms is prohibited.”

Where a non-compliance is identified regarding this requirement, the herd will be excluded from the Scheme and a re-application will not be accepted until 12 months after the date that the last prohibited product was stored or spread on farm.

This same critical requirement exists for the SDAS which sets out at section 3.6(a):

“Raw or treated sewage / sludges are prohibited from being used on Bord Bia certified farms.”

The full standards for SDAS and SBLAS are available on Bord Bia’s website at:–growers/farmers/qas/document-libraries/sblas-pdfs/sustainable_beef_and_lamb_assurance_scheme_standard.pdf


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