Wood Input Purchases by Industry

In 2019 the volume of roundwood input purchases by industry was at 2.8 million cubic metres (see Headline Table and Table 1A). This is an increase of 5.9% compared with 2018 purchases of 2.7 million cubic metres.

Roundwood purchases from publicly-owned forests made up 78.3% (2.2 million cubic metres) of 2019 purchases with the remainder from privately-owned forests (see Figure 1, Tables 1D and 1E).

Large sawlog accounted for the highest proportion of roundwood purchase volume at approximately 35% in 2019, followed by pulpwood (32%) and small sawlog (25%) (see Figure 2 and Table 3A). Approximately 6% of roundwood purchases were for use as biomass.

In 2019, purchases of non-roundwood products such as brash and tree stumps, woodchip and sawdust totalled 423 thousand tonnes (see Tables 1F and 2F).


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