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As only one Irish agri-environmental reports appears online (LIFE Project Number ; LIFE12 NAT IE 000995 FINAL Report Covering the project activities from 01/09/2013 to 30/09/2018 Reporting Date 31/12/2018 LIFE+ PROJECT NAME or Acronym AranLIFE), I submitted a request to the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) for a list of all Final Reports for ALL Irish LIFE schemes

EU said no

Please note that due to confidentiality, the Agency cannot send you the reports of the projects.

Thanks to the LIFE Database search you can identify the projects that were submitted by an Irish coordinating beneficiary and also select a specific thematic. Please note that not all of them have final reports published. For the projects that are not too old, the website can also contain some information.

I hope this helps
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Nadia on behalf of the CINEA LIFE Teams

European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA)
Established by the European Commission

Submitted Documentation Request to EU at

Also submitted FOI to EU on same 06/12/21

This is the relevant project database:

Here is what a sample project FINAL Reports looks like:

The user interface is tricky, maybe if you had Project Numbers for each Irish project, you could locate the FINAL Reports, but I did find KerryLIFE and BurrenLIFE projects, and neither have Final Reports. So still asking…

Followup from EU

Thank you very much for your follow-up message and sorry to hear you are difficulties in searching Irish projects.

Please be aware that the information provided in the project database is the one that project coordinators have agreed to publish.

Depending on the programming period the mandatory published documents may be different. Currently the final report is not a mandatory public document. In the last programming period, the layman report was a mandatory deliverable. In this programming period, it is not.

Unfortunately, this Agency and its predecessor were not managing the LIFE Programme that was dealt directly by the Commission services of the Directorate General for the Environment. We have regrettably no direct access to the deliverables of the projects not managed by us and please be aware that only recently these deliverables were accessible in electronic format. They are mostly in printed form.

For searching Irish projects, you would need to consult the “advance search” area of the LIFE database


Then from the section “select submitting country” please choose “Ireland” and push ‘search’ down the page. You should receive a list of projects.

We have tested it and it seems to work correctly.

The best and most rapid way to access reports which are not available on the project page is to contact the owners of the project information. In the project fiche, you will find the coordinator address. For example, from a rapid search on the internet, we found that the coordinator of the project LIFE12 NAT IE 000995 has changed its contact details ( You will need to do some minimal search especially for old projects. Sadly, we do not have resources to update more than 5000 project contact details.

For project LIFEXX before 20’14’ you will need to contact the European Commission Directorate General for Environment. You may want to try to write to

We hope this helps and we take the occasion to wish you a nice Christmas break.

Kind regards,

Fabio for CINEA LIFE Team


Export of ALL Irish projects (subject to verification)

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